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Published:June 23rd, 2010 18:21 EST
One Step Closer to God: Christian iPhone App

One Step Closer to God: Christian iPhone App

By SOP newswire2

DV8 Media Releases Unprecedented Christian iPhone App

Christian Newswire/ -- Want to ride the Jesus wave into the 21st century? There`s an app for that!

Revolutionary new media company DV8 Media has released "The Life Of Jesus", the first-ever comprehensive mobile phone application dedicated to the life of the Christian savior. Containing cutting edge original video and audio productions, engaging interactive games, Christian-themed communication tools, and the full text of the New Testament, searchable and bookmarkable, "The Life Of Jesus" is designed to bring a new generation of Christians and the Christian community together to reinforce Jesus` philosophy in a hip, sleek and technologically advanced production.

DV8 will enable always-on access to the tech-savvy spiritually minded.

"We wanted to bring the story of Jesus into a 21st century paradigm and align his teachings with the technical revolution we are all enjoying. With the power of the iPhone, a talented international production team, a jaw-dropping fashionable aesthetic and the power of inspirational music, we can break down old paradigms and bring the teachings of Christ to a new, younger international audience," explain Geoff Tyson DV8 Managing Director.

The application will be available through the Apple Store beginning June 23rd, 2010. Please visit


SOURCE:  Christian Newswire