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Published:July 4th, 2010 18:12 EST
Facebook To Use Face Detection Technology For Tagging Photos

Facebook To Use Face Detection Technology For Tagging Photos

By Tim Martin

Facebook has announced a new technology that`s not really so new that they are implementing to make tagging photos uploaded to the social media site much easier.

Taken from Facebooks official blog:

"People love tagging their friends and family in photos, but we`ve heard that it can be a tedious process. You now can add tags with just a couple of clicks directly from your home page and other sections of the site, using the same face detection technology that cameras have used for years. We`re running a limited test of this technology so you may not see it yet.

With this new feature, tagging is faster since you don`t need to select a face. It`s already selected for you, just like those rectangles you see around your friends` faces when you take a photo with a modern digital camera. All that`s left for you to do is type a name and hit enter."

From what I understand this is just the first of many new features coming from Facebook when it comes to photographs trying to lure more people to their site, using them as a photo sharing site instead of some of the other popular sites like Picasa and Flickr.

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