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Published:October 21st, 2005 17:46 EST
Simon Says Brilliant Presence Rubs Off!

Simon Says Brilliant Presence Rubs Off!

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Have you ever noticed someone with Brilliant Presence? They walk into a room and immediately light up the atmosphere. This doesn`t happen by accident. It happens when you discover that brilliance is 90% understanding how to be " and 10% knowing what to do.

Brilliant Presence is magnetic confidence that is released into the space around you. People can sense that there is something different about you. Why is that? The body is an electromagnetic force field that attracts likeminded objects. The energy that vibrates from your innermost being fills the atmosphere, and others can feel it. Did you know that within your body there is enough atomic energy to build any one of the world`s greatest cities many times over?

Brilliant Presence is demonstrated through emotional commitment to a cause, an individual or an organization. Individuals who possess Brilliant Presence have a way of connecting with others, thus attracting the resources, situations and opportunities that enable them to accomplish tasks easier and faster. Some would say these individuals have it " " a special something that gives them an extra edge over those who are average. 

What do Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Barbara Streisand have in common? They all possess Brilliant Presence. The light of their beingness attracts others. Furthermore, they`ve found a way to have laser focus on a specific issue and be emotionally committed to that issue over the long haul.

The same special something " that these people possess also exists within you. Are you surprised? Don`t be. It`s called potential. " When you intensify your commitment to something, you become energized from the inside out. Your spirit begins to vibrate at a higher frequency, and your raw potential ignites your internal power plant. These vibrations are like radio waves that signal others that you are a force to be reckoned with. Your Brilliant Presence sparks a fire in those whose light has been dimmed by energy vampires.

You have it. " I know you have that special something, even if you don`t see it in yourself. You`ve played small long enough. It`s time to walk into the room and own it. It`s time to take the stage and own it. It`s time to get that promotion and do it. It`s time to stand up and be it. Why? Because Simon says so! 

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Simon, thank you for your words. They always inspire me, and I look forward to reading your brilliant thought each week. BRAVO!  M.D.

I generally don`t forward emails. However, last week`s Brilliant Insight was so true, I just had to send it on.  A.B.

I loved this week`s article, and I`m going to use it in our internal newsletter.  P.E.