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Published:November 11th, 2005 17:56 EST
The Walls of Every Box Are Different

The Walls of Every Box Are Different

By Ann Poludenko

Imagine a big hall. There is a low arm-chair in the middle of the hall and a dreamy, tired-looking guy sitting in it. He is wrapped in a fur-coat and a long scarf that stifles his movements, but at the same time allows him to feel cozily immersed in the comfortably soft chair. This person has already made his choice. He much more prefers to sit there “just because he got used to it” and see only those things that happen on the level of his eyes. He did not make any efforts to get rid of the things that stop his movement or to think critically about the lacks of his life. Thinking for yourself is the only way to know what YOU really want to see. Because we can take the boy out of the “comfy chair” but we’ll never take the “comfy chair” out of the boy; that is his responsibility.   


Many people today focus on the things they have already learned and think that it is all they need to do, and anything else doesn't interest or concern them. However, how can they know there is nothing more to life than what they already know if they never even tried to find out what other things are like?


Very often, good economists live a life focused on economy. They seldom find time for literature, geography, psychology, even for themselves. It’s true that to become a professional means to know everything you can about something, but the continuation of this saying goes: and to know something about everything.    


I can take it for granted that there are always ways and means to overcome interceptions. The most important thing is to try studying or experiencing something unknown to you, and to not be complacent, because this way it is possible to loose the horizon of one’s dreams out of the field of vision.     


Life is cool, life is great, life is beautiful (or can be), and everyone should live his/her own “great life” without placing any restrictions on whatever might be interesting to you. Your job, education and family cannot be allowed to place “walls” around you. Don't let yourself be confined or constricted by your life, and by what you know. Fill your life with as many interesting things as possible and make at least a small effort to “step outside of your box”. Explore and consider everything and anything new around you, and have an incredible life, while still being just as you are!