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Published:November 12th, 2005 13:04 EST
Transformation - A Diamond in the Rough

Transformation - A Diamond in the Rough

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Greetings from Johannesburg, South Africa " Through my work, I`ve met literally thousands of people " some in person, some through email and many through phone calls. It saddens me how often I hear from people who believe they are trapped, unfulfilled and confined. I`ve lost track of the hours I`ve spent listening to bright men and women share how frustrated they are with their lives.

Many of them were vibrant and brilliant at one time, but somewhere along the way they lost their energy and luster. Do you know anyone like this?

These experiences got me thinking " if each of us has the potential to release our diamond brilliance and transform our world, why don`t more of us do it? Why do some people reinvent themselves and shine while others don`t? The questions led to more research and more introspection and dissection of my own life. Eventually, I found what I believe to be the answer: Because we`ve forgotten how to shine. We`ve forgotten that we are, in fact, priceless diamonds with a brilliance all our own.

A diamond begins as carbon in the molten magma deep inside the Earth. It then undergoes an absolutely amazing Evolutionary Transformation, first to become rough " stone and, ultimately, the exquisite gemstones we value so highly. Evolution is a process of change from a lower, simpler state to a higher, more complex or improved state. Transform means to change in form, nature, or function.

I`m sure you`ve heard the expression - diamond in the rough " it literally means one having exceptionally good qualities or the potential for greatness, but lacking polish and refinement. " When diamonds are mined or found, they do actually look very rough. Looking at them, you might never believe the dazzling beauty that lies within the stone. But after being cut and polished, the radiant gem is revealed. Likewise, the potential for greatness and transformation already exists in all of us. We are all diamonds-in-the-rough; we simply need a bit of shaping and polishing to reveal our brilliance.

A transformation is needed if you "

Have hit the wall " professionally, personally, physically, or emotionally.  Sense that you have the potential to do something great with your life, but don`t have a clue what that might be. Desire to discover what you can offer the ever-changing global workplace. Long for authentic relationships instead of being rich in cash but poor in relationships.

Believe the rest of your life will be the best of your life.  Recognize your divine assignment and are content, but want to contribute even more to humanity.  Are unfulfilled in your career, working only for the paycheck and benefits. Miss the fun and excitement of life. Find that you are consistently discouraged. Want to stretch and grow as a person. Then I invite you to embark on this transformational journey with me. Heather Bonham, a science teacher in Buffalo, NY, eloquently said, All of us are diamonds. Some of us are still in the intense process of being pressed together and purified by fire. Others are diamonds in the rough, waiting for the jeweler to polish off our rough edges, transforming our surfaces into brilliant, light-reflecting facets. "

My friend, wherever you are in your journey toward brilliance, I want to help you polish your diamond and shine even more brilliantly. I invite you to transition into a renaissance season when you open new doors of opportunity, create new realities and transform from the inside out.

In the weeks to come you will discover how to:

Reawaken to why you were born into this time.
Rekindle the fire of hope, life, love, happiness and belief.
Recover every ounce of spiritual energy that has leaked out of you.
Renew your faith to walk through new doors of opportunity.
Reconnect to your unique gifts and create your future.

Too often in life we wait for someone to give us permission to do something. Today, I`m giving you the go ahead.

Simon Says "Release Your Brilliance.