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Published:October 30th, 2006 05:20 EST
Grow Your Gift

Grow Your Gift

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Inside the soil of your soul is a seed of potential. That seed is your gift, talent or ability. When you leverage your gift every day, you come alive. You become the spark that can light up an entire room because your gift shines from the inside out. Simply said, using your gift creates authentic happiness, brilliant confidence and incredible fulfillment. If you expire, check out or “kick the bucket” before sharing your gift, you will rob the world of experiencing a one-of-a-kind difference maker.

Your gift is cultivated in an environment called work, job, career or vocation. When your talent is locked away, frustration sets in – a job is just a job, a business is just a business, a customer transaction is just another customer transaction and a problem is just a problem. You feel as if you must compete against others for jobs, business, sales, relationships.

However, when you discover and leverage your gift, everything changes – a job becomes a calling, a business becomes a change agent, a customer transaction is now a customer relationship and a problem is an opportunity to add value. You are not threatened by any situation, circumstance or individual. In the words of Thomas Jakes, author of Maximize the Moment, when you use your gift, “You transition from competing against one another to completing one another.”

Living in a constant state of giftedness requires that you embrace your talent fully, that you are so convicted about your abilities and your value that nothing can shake you. Embracing your gift is really about accepting your worth as a human being.

Your unique gift makes room in your internal universe, and then it makes room for you in the Universe at large. Thus, the Universe will create the need for you to deploy your gift and release your brilliance. You will attract and connect with those people, situations and circumstances that will enable you to complete your Universal Assignment here on Earth. The doors of opportunity will open wide for you. If you are a faithful reader of our weekly Brilliant Carats, then you know that I have the “glass is overflowing” mindset. How do I maintain such a positive outlook? Because I operate from my gift, and therefore, life is filled with abundance, not scarcity.

What prevents people from using their gift, talent or unique ability? Weeds. The weeds of self-limitation, the weeds of life, the weeds of setbacks, the weeds of laziness, the weeds of wasted time, just to name a few. Weeds will keep your gift from blossoming and rob you of your future. According to a recent survey by, Americans supposedly waste an average of two hours each day at work surfing the Internet, chatting, conducting personal business and running errands. People waste time when they don’t know how to use their gifts, and they waste their energy by majoring in minor things.

So what can you do to find your gift, talent or distinctive ability? Kill the weeds and fertilize the seed in your soul! I invite you to consider the following:

  • Identify your core competencies and strengths – the areas where you truly excel. Note that I said “truly excel.” Why? Because too many people confuse their gift with a pipe dream. Based on their concerts in the shower, they believe they have a beautiful voice, that they’re the next Celine Dion or Tony Bennett. Now, that’s a pretty outrageous example, but the reality is that many people get caught up in the moment and sell themselves on something that is not in fact their gift. Step back, put your truth on the table and be honest with yourself. Let go of the pipe dream and find your real God-given gift.

  • Identify your motives. Why are you pursuing your current career or vocation? Is it because you want or need the money or because you’re making a difference? If money is the primary end goal, perhaps that’s why you feel so frustrated. Of course, money is essential. I believe that when you find and share your gift, you will experience abundance like you’ve never known. I can’t tell you how many people share with me that leveraging their gift brings them a peace and fulfillment that money can’t buy. I would submit to you that people chase material goods because their souls are empty, unfulfilled and searching. Share your gift and you will be satisfied – emotionally, spiritually and financially.

  • Find individuals who have clearly unlocked and released gifts that are similar to your talents and abilities. Study them. Ask them what they’ve done to leverage their gifts to the fullest extent. What techniques can you gain from them that will aid you in maximizing your gifts?

  • Embrace and anchor your gift. Create a colorful, vivid, living picture of you sharing your gift with the world. Then play it over and over and over again on the movie screen of your mind. Meditate on it daily. Affirm it as if it is so.

If you’re already leveraging your gift and doing something you are absolutely passionate about, then I know that you are making a difference, one day at a time. If your gifts are not yet in full bloom, don’t be discouraged. Till the soil of your soul, water and fertilize your purpose, and give light to your talents, whatever they may be.

Simon Says…Nurture your gift and watch it grow!

Simon can be reached at 972-899-3411, by e-mail at or by visiting his website at