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Published:October 25th, 2007 14:53 EST
Judyth Piazza chats with Gary D. King, Author of Pay Truth Forward

Judyth Piazza chats with Gary D. King, Author of Pay Truth Forward

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Gary`s life consists of a long list of failed relationships, hardships and personal successes.  He looks back on his life as one big classroom ",  which has brought him to the awareness today that man`s worth is as great as the truth and integrity he has for himself. " 

Born in New York 1945, Gary moved to Florida with his family at age 8.  After school he joined the U.S. Navy and left as an engineering school graduate.  For over 30 years, and until recently, he owned and operated King Marine Engineering and King Productions International,  the latter which specializes in event production, festivals, motor sports and seminars.  Many of the outdoor festivals and sports events drew in excess of 250,000 people. 

Gary has experienced 15 years as an internationally recognized artist and sand sculptor, consulting and competing all over the world and receiving  personal recognition from President Bill Clinton.

While enjoying many successes in these and other fields, his personal relationships on every level brought him heartache and pain. With each heartache and pain brought him a lesson of learning to be truthful to himself.  An estranged relationship with his father prior to his death, and the divorce with his wife put him in a state of total insecurity.  A new relationship seemed to be going well,  with Gary soon determining she was an alcoholic and left him. 

His ongoing insecure nature brought him suicidal tendencies and threw  him into a near death experience. At this time in his life, he felt that he was living a basically honest lifestyle " only having a couple of affairs during his marriage, and `lying just a little`.  But the near death experience allowed him to pull himself up and created a major shift in consciousness that resulted in reading hundreds of books on spirituality, quantum physics, metaphysics and personal growth drawing him closer to what the truth about himself really consisted of.  

Feeling better and more on track,  Gary found himself driving down the road,  only to have tragedy strike. A five-year old boy darted across the street right in front of his car.  Not being able to stop,  Gary hit and killed the child.   Insecurity and doubt again reared their ugly heads.  In 1988 he met a woman with a sweet 8-year old daughter.  The two of them moved in with Gary, set up a family,  only to realize that her personal values did not mirror his and she left him for another man who lived right down the street.  Two months later the woman called Gary up advising him that this new man was abusing her. Even more shocking was that she was pregnant with Gary`s child!  The child, a beautiful daughter was born prematurely. Gary took on the total responsibility, strapping the child to him, and taking her everywhere with him.  After 18 months a paternity test was required and Gary was advised that the child was not his.  She was taken away from him.  There was that word of truth again.

This tragedy was followed by Gary being diagnosed with cancer. 

This was his breaking point.  Gary King found himself paralyzed on his couch. Suicide again was a consideration,  and he was not able to leave his house for months.  A close friend took Gary`s situation into his own hands,  and through the help of a hypnotist,  got Gary off the couch and took him to a Tony Robbins seminar. 

For the last 14 years Gary has been associated with Robbins Research International as Director of Security, Road Manager, Director of Risk Management and Director of Communications. 

This path and these associations have brought Gary to his place of PERSONAL TRUTH. He feels that his story, his background, and his hardships are blessings,  as they have led him to where he is today " ".. full of truth and forgiveness for himself and others ".

Gary is a relationship consultant,  and for the past two years has traveled internationally,  giving his Power of Truth lectures,  creating tapes, CD`s,  while committing his thoughts and philosophy to his upcoming book. 

His compelling talks allow listeners to dwell within their own truth and integrity values,  creating more balance in their lives and  in those closest to them ". 

Gary King ends his lectures with an empowering personal challenge that will change your life forever.  It`s the state of reality that occurs when you are internally and externally TOTALLY honest with yourself and others ".  For most people this is a quantum shift, and a massive challenge.   

      Topics Include: 

      The Power of Truth

      The Power of  Foregiveness

      Truth and Integrity in the Workplace

      National and International Tele-lectures 

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