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Published:October 27th, 2007 15:54 EST
How to Set Up An Aquarium

How to Set Up An Aquarium

By Tyler Nelson

If you ever wanted to raise an exotic aquatic creature such as a tang, eel, or even a puffer fish, you would need to set up its underwater habitat. You may be thinking, “How hard is it to put some rocks in a glass box then add water?” The truth is that if you want your fish to feel relaxed, comfortable, and have longevity, you’d better be able to know how to set up its aquarium properly! The first step in setting up your fish’s home is to purchase the actual tank.  This can get very expensive!  Most saltwater fish need a 20+-gallon tank!  Most 20-gallon tanks sell with a cover, light and stand for around 40 US dollars.  The tank should be placed in a room that does not have dramatic temperature changes.  The tank should also not have direct exposure to sunlight.

The second step is to purchase your aquarium’s necessities such as an efficient filter, heater, gravel, and a bubbler.  A proper filter for a twenty-gallon tank is about twenty dollars.  During November through March, a heater is needed, if you don’t want all of your fish to die or have to pay a huge heap of cash to heat your house 24/7.  Another thing needed is gravel.  There are two main types of gravel:  real rocks or fake neon rocks.  Both are fine if bought from a reliable pet store; but if you want your fish’s natural color to be enhanced and bold, buy the real darker colored rocks.  The final necessity is a bubbler.  These provide the necessary oxygen for your aquatic buddies.  These come in many different shapes and sizes.  You can start at the basic one-dollar air stone or five-dollar fake volcano stone.  If you want to spoil your fish, there are many designs such as cars, a skull, bamboo fences, ornate coral and many, many more.

Next, if you want to purchase extra accessories, they would benefit your fish greatly!  One of these types of accessories is large fake rocks or fake objects.  These items are awesome decorations; and if your fish give birth, they give great hiding places for the babies.  Fish ARE cannibalistic and WILL eat the babies.  Another hiding place for the young are in plants.  Most fish enjoy plants in their home!  You can buy fake or real plants.  Fake one are normally cheaper but real plants provide extra oxygen, food and good hiding places for stressed out or scared fish.

Lastly, you need to assemble you new man-made aquatic world!  First, to do this, rinse all items going in your tank with warm/hot water to kill all possible germs and diseases that could be on them.  Then pour the gravel into the tank.  Next, pour water into the aquarium leaving about three gallons of space left for the volume of accessories.  Then place all needed appliances and accessories in their correct places as indicated on their directions.  After that, fill the rest of the tank up leaving about one inch of space from the top for purposes such as jumping fish.  Finally, add aquarium salt for relieved fish stress!  Your fish aquarium is now complete!  Happy fish raising!

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