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Published:November 23rd, 2007 12:16 EST
A LLot Can be LLearned From a LLama

A LLot Can be LLearned From a LLama

By Terry Sumerlin (Mentor/Columnist)

One day I had a customer in the chair and another waiting when a rancher stuck his head in the door and asked to see my co-worker. The rancher said he had a llama– a South American animal that’s often found on Texas ranches these days– in his trailer and wanted that person to see it. I said that my co-worker was at lunch but would be back in a few minutes.

The rancher ducked outside, lowered the tailgate on his trailer and led the llama out onto the parking lot. Naturally I thought he was going to stand there with the animal, but before I realized what was happening he had the llama in my barbershop.

Since I didn’t know if the beast would kick, bite, spit or something else, I let the man know that the barbershop inspector might frown on having a llama in the shop. You'd have thought I'd insulted his mother. He took his llama back outside and was astounded that I didn’t want his prize animal in my place of business. The rancher certainly wasn’t the only one who was astounded.

But, why was I surprised? Haven’t I lived long enough to know that there is no predicting what a person might do? The best I can do is guess, and that guess is often in error.

When I think I really know what someone will do, or how someone is, the best thing for me to do is always add: “…and sometimes he will; sometimes he won’t; sometimes he is; sometimes he isn’t.”

BARBER-OSOPHY: Expect people to do the unexpected.

Taken from Barber-osophy - Shear Success for Your Cutting Edge, Copyright @ 1997 Terry L. Sumerlin