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Published:April 13th, 2008 13:59 EST
Leadership and The Origin of Attention

Leadership and The Origin of Attention

By Axel Meierhoefer (Mentor/Columnist)

As discussed in previous posts, I have begun to study U-Theory by Otto Scharmer, a fellow German. As I am working my way through the material, I am using the blog here to make you familiar with the passages that most impress me, and that fit into the overall system used at AMC LLC.

To say it with the words of Rick Schefren: So I`m writing the blog post about this cool freebie I want you to have "and while I`m clacking on the keys like a madman, the conversation " starts to veer in a different direction.

A very interesting direction at that. You`ll see what I mean here. Now there`s a reason I put the word conversation " in quotation marks above " That`s essentially what my blog is "I post my thoughts, you post your thoughts about my thoughts, etc. etc. You`re probably thinking, Duh, Rich "tell me something I don`t know. " But as a maven, this type of back-and-forth with the audience is crucial to your business success. And without it, you`re dead in the water. That`s one of the main points of Joe Jaffe`s outstanding book, Join The Conversation ".

I agree with Rick and I believe this conversation needs to be triggered. That`s part of why I am providing the posts to you. Otto Scharmer looks at Attention and Leadership and has this to say:

The essence of leadership is to shift the inner place from which we operate both individually and collectively. In my research I found that there are four different places or positions that each give rise to a different quality or field structure of attention:

  1. I in me: what I perceive based on my habitual ways of seeing and thinking.
  2. I in it: what I perceive with my senses and mind wide open.
  3. I in you: what I tune in to and sense from within with my heart wide open.
  4. I in now: what I understand from the source of the bottom of my being, that is, from attending my open will.

These four places differ in origin. They come (in order) from: habits, open mind, open heart, and open will. "

When we take this amazing information and put it in perspective to the work done here at AMC LLC every day, we find remarkable similarities. In our assessment and coaching system we try to first build a foundation through the measurement of the human performance.

The result is a detailed profile across 12 attributes. When we look at what Otto Scharmer points out about leadership and the origins of our actions, we immediately resonate with this thought because we too try to get to the origin of the results we measure.

What we see are people who can be hard on themselves either because they don`t have enough trust in their abilities, or because they are overly concerned about what other think of them. We call these attributes self-defeat and self consciousness. If we find elevated reading for these measurements, we can almost always predict that the individuals suffering from stress and fear.

On the other hand, the open mind and the open heart resonate with high levels of ambition and confidence, resulting in true independence and healthy relationships, both in the way a person communicates as well as the level to which emotions can be shown without feeling ashamed or out of place. This also jives well with being in tune with oneself.

Confident and successful people don`t take every argument as pointed against them as individuals, but rather as something to discuss on the merits. They can separate themselves as individuals from the subject at hand. That way vigorous exchange full of energy and passion can happen without anybody walking away with a bruised attitude. If that doesn`t describe how you feel or operate, coaching might be a great solution for your self-improvement.

Finally we come to open will, which isn`t just found in motivation, ambition and confidence, but also in having goals, a plan and the network to achieve them. The tools are formed in the personality. Again, if that doesn`t sound like you, you might want to take our free assessment, measure the extent to which you tap into your won full potential and begin the conversation to discover how you can become a leader prepared for success in your future.

To find out more, you can go to and find the link to the free assessment. It`s also a place to become a member of our network, and you even receive a free report for your efforts.

I hope to welcome you there very soon " to continue the conversation about leadership and attention