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Published:September 28th, 2008 22:10 EST
You are the "WOW"

You are the "WOW"

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

O` Brilliant One---I have good news---You are the WOW!

It was a Saturday morning and I was lying in a horizontal position with every intention of staying in the bed as late as possible. Then I noticed that my mind stood up in a vertical position as it high jumped from thought to thought, idea to idea, and belief to belief. Then I saw my hand reach for a fresh piece of chalk and begin to write on the chalk board of my mind one word--- WOW.

As I stared at this familiar word, I saw something different that I had never seen before. I saw the word from the inside out and realized that this WOW stood for Watch Out World there is a history maker among us! My mind began to race through the scrolls of history to attach this new insight to a pattern, a story, a mental hook to give it context. Then history tapped me on the shoulder by reminding me of an unprecedented event.

The tradition of giving diamond engagement rings began in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria bought his future wife, Mary of Burgundy, a diamond big enough to blind anyone with its brilliance. Can you imagine what people were saying when they observed this huge rock (bling, if you will) sitting on Mary of Burgundy`s finger? I submit to you that it was one word--- WOW.

As a resident of Florida, I have witnessed on countless occasions while driving my car a ball of fire flying through the sky only to say to myself what is that? Then when I look to my right and left I see other cars staring into sky with wonder and amazement as their cars have come to a screeching halt. They, like me, are witnessing another shuttle launch from the Kennedy Space Center.  There is only one word to describe this phenomenon--- WOW

You wonder what this has to do with you, Oh Brilliant One. You exist at this period in history to be the WOW  in your generation. You are the exclamation point in the story of your life. You are the solution that you`ve been waiting for. When God created you he said WOW!  I don`t know where you are in your journey in life. I don`t know if the financial meltdown of Lehman, the United States federal government proposed $700 billion dollar bailout, and depreciating home values have knocked the wind out of your sail. I don`t know if your candle of hope which flickers against the strongest of winds has blown out. I am not sure if at some level you feel like you are living in a bad dream and at anytime the alarm clock will snap you out of it. I don`t know if your business is stuck in a neutral position. I don`t know if your industry is waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Here`s what I know---

In the words of my coach and master teacher, Mark Chironna, your adversity determines your capacity.  You don`t know what you are capable of until your back is against the wall.

You are waiting for your company or organization to do something and your company is waiting for you to be the WOW they always believed you could be.  Stand up, take your place and make history.

You are like a punching bag that keeps getting knocked down but continues to bounce back.

You have the ability to take the bucket of hope and drop it into a well of opportunity and drink a fresh cup of possibility.  

You have a knack for finding the last parking space in a crowded lot when others have given up long ago. I know what it is, the hunter in you won`t let go.

You are the solution the world has been waiting for.

You are the song that has yet to be sung.

You are the story that continues to unfold with every tick-tock of the clock.

You are the sound the world has been waiting to hear.

Don`t you dare quit on me now. You have too much living to do. There is another mountain to climb.

Don`t you stop dreaming because a dream is a sign that the future has not yet arrived.

Until you believe that you are the WOW, you will continue to meander through life playing small and living in a state of silent imprisonment. You are physically free, but mentally behind bars.

Until you embrace your WOW, you will float from relationship to relationship, job to job, house to house.

Until you put your foot on the neck of indecision, you will never find peace.

You have sentenced yourself to life imprisonment because of what someone else said. You gave them the key to lock you behind bars and now the key has been thrown away. What is one to do? You may be familiar with the famous Gandhi saying Be the change you wish to see in the world!

You are the WOW the world has been waiting for. Come from behind the curtain of limitation, it`s your time to stand on the stage of determination, and lift off like a rocket into exploration.  Watch out World there is a history maker among us---oh brilliant one (that would be you) has come out of hibernation.



Simon`s Side bar

As I was writing to you, the words you just read were therapy for me. If these words have connected with you in any way it`s because they were written from a deep place. I know that you have been waiting for me to write something intellectually stimulating, but if it doesn`t move me then it won`t move you. I refuse to write another empty sentence that has no life or substance in it. I decided to get off that train.

Someone asked me what I do when people unsubscribe from my e-newsletter and say that my writing is elementary, bland, and self-serving. I get it. We live in a hyper-busy, over-communicative world where time is a precious asset. Those that give me their time believe that I increase their value and self-worth which directly impacts their net worth.  According to there are 301,785,051 people in the United States and 6,593,584,746 in the world. There are enough people for me to write to on the planet and obviously they were not one of them.