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Published:December 17th, 2008 22:56 EST
Recession = The Gift of Re-motivation

Recession = The Gift of Re-motivation

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

There is not a day that goes by when you don`t pick up the paper and hear that XYZ Corporation is axing thousands of jobs, going into bankruptcy protection, or cutting its quarterly forecast. Many companies and households are re-examining their spending and some are closing their wallets.

I was speaking to a business colleague of mine, Karen, who runs a meeting planning company. She said, Simon, I am willing to dig my heels in and do whatever it takes to survive. I am not above having to do administrative projects, pursue temporary assignments, or take a second look at reasonable income opportunities that I may have turned her nose up at in time past. "
What about you? Could you do the same if you had to? What about your business? When I think about my own journey, I left a secure job at the happiest place in the world six years ago when the United States was weeks away from going to war with Iraq. I cashed in my entire 401K retirement plan and took out a line of credit on my house. I decided to go for it.  Whatever it " meant!

I don`t come from a blue-blood family nor am I a trust fund baby. I dropped out of college twenty two years ago and eventually went back to finish my degree. However, there is one thing that I am forever proud of and that is a work ethic. I love to work!!! When I was growing up, my father used to rip the covers off the bed on Saturday morning between 5-7 AM and say, get up and do something! " I would have to wash both cars, shovel snow, scrub the bathroom floors, clean up the kitchen, and vacuum the entire house. I didn`t realize that my wax on " wax off teaching moment would come so early. If you don`t know what I mean, just watch the movie Karate Kid.

I am proud to say that as a Generation "X`er, I agree with Karen that nothing is beneath me. In a pinch, I could flip burgers, dig ditches, make copies, wait tables, drive a bus, teach a class, stock shelves, and change oil. What are you willing to do? Thank God for this recession. I have tried to ignore it and pretend as if it didn`t matter, but now I am shifting my position. I embrace the recession because it`s forcing me to bring my A " game to my business every day.

This recession is a re-motivator because it is forcing businesses to ask the tough questions " why are we doing this? And for what reason?

This recession is a re-motivator because marketers are having to work their imaginations overtime to persuade consumers to part with their precious dollars.
 This recession is a re-motivator because if you have a job you are suddenly aware that everything you do matters. The days of coming in for a chair, check, and coffee break are gone.

This recession has re-motivated some people to stop doing a half-brilliant job. I was going to say another word that begins with an a " but I realized there may be children reading this e-newsletter. Smile!

This recession has snapped some people back into reality that they should be thankful to have a job or still be in business.

This recession has caused some people to repent for mooching off the company. What`s a mooch? A person who steals time, paper clips, extra lunch breaks, etc.  

This recession has turned some employees into brand evangelists who are willing to go the extra mile without being told. Why? Who really wants to have their credit ruined, reputation diminished or be out on the street in this economy?

Now, let me switch gears. To those who have friends who have received the pink slip or whose businesses have been shuttered, this recession is a gift because you can reinvent yourself. Change is your friend not your foe, change is a brilliant opportunity to grow.

This season instead of cursing the recession, your boss, and your customers that stop buying from you, simply say thank you, recession. "  You can repeat this mantra Recession, I don`t know where you came from and I don`t know when you are going to end, but I am thankful that you forced me to wake and realize that I am Brilliant! " I submit to you, my friends, that brilliance is born in the womb of adversity. 

Re-motivation is a word that popped in my head while I was writing this e-newsletter on a flight to Atlanta to meet with a client who wanted to do business with my company. Yeah!!!  Simply put, re-motivation is the opposite of de-motivation. The constant negative news is a de-motivator. As a person who chooses to believe their own weather forecast, re-motivation combats the storms of uncertainty.    

Re-motivated people look at what they are going to instead of what they are going through.

Re-motivated people always take the high road instead of living in the doldrums of disappointment.

Re-motivated people believe that they are responsible for their future instead of leaving it to be controlled by others.

Re-motivated people hate fluff and empty platitudes. They have their own language, affirmations, and mantras that encourage them to keep pushing forward.

Re-motivation is something you become instead of something you do.
This recession has caused many people to dig deep, be responsible, and make sure they are finding value and creating value. I submit to you that this Christmas season is a reason to be grateful because this recession is an unexpected gift to remotivate thyself.

Simon`s Side bar
I would like to thank all of you for being avid readers of Brilliant Carats throughout 2008. I will continue to send the brilliant carats out as an e-newsletter, and will blog as well.  This is our last carat of the year and we look forward to seeing you in January 2009. Happy Holidays to all of you.