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Published:June 17th, 2009 18:54 EST
Is it time to make a Brilliant You-Turn?

Is it time to make a Brilliant You-Turn?

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

I recently took my bride and our children to the beach for a little rest and relaxation. I thought it would be great to decompress for a few days, spend quality time with my family and work on my Godiva tan. (Ok, that last one was a joke!) Needless to say, being a typical male who doesn`t like to take directions from his spouse, I totally missed the turn and ended up driving thirty minutes heading in the wrong direction.

My bride of almost seventeen years gave me that look " as if to say you are so stubborn, if you would have asked I could`ve told you that you missed your turn a long time ago, but noooooo you had to be right. " Needless to say, I had to make a U-turn to head back in the direction that I really wanted to go.

While sitting on the beach sipping on a non-alcoholic beverage with a little pink umbrella in it, I started thinking about how often we continue to head in a one direction because it`s all we`ve known. How many people do you know who show up to work every Monday morning to a job they hate and people they dislike? One of the best lines in the movie Night at the Museum " Battle of the Smithsonian, (yes I went to see it after my ten-year old worked on me for a week) was happiness is doing the work you love with the people you love. "

Now, I realize that the word love is not used in corporate circles. In fact, you probably raised your eyebrows when you read the word love. The reality is sometimes you have to make a Brilliant U-Turn because the direction you are heading in is not where you want to go. It worked for awhile, but the thrill is gone.

Here are the tell-tale signs that you see, hear, or sense that are like a tap on the shoulder saying Hey buddy, It`s time to Make a Brilliant U-Turn " "that`s right You-Turn! "

The passion for life and the zest for adventure are gone and you don`t know where it went. Is it time to make a Brilliant You-Turn?

Your place of business has laid off a ton of people and now you are doing the job for 5-7 people. You need the job, you have bills to pay, maybe kids in college, maybe caring for an elderly parent, might be single and saving for retirement or the next phase of your life and you feel stuck or trapped. Could it be it`s time for you to Make a Brilliant You-Turn?

You have a sense in your gut (80% of your nervous system is in your gut. The gut has often been called the second brain.) or you hear the little voice in your head that says - this is not working for me anymore. Could it be that it`s time to make a Brilliant You-Turn?

The job is just a job. There is no fulfillment, no satisfaction; you are just on the treadmill of life showing up doing the job for the man or woman. Is it time for you to make a Brilliant You-Turn?

You are in a dead-end relationship. No growth. No intellectual stimulation. No energy. No fun " just endless treadmill of conversation. No vision of a better future. You are always the one doing more giving than receiving. It`s very one-sided and you realize that the other person is not the problem " you are! Could it be that it`s time to make a Brilliant You-Turn?

You having been working on a business and it`s seems as if you start and stop and start and stop. The economy has perhaps knocked the wind out of your sail. Could it be it`s time to make a Brilliant You-Turn? I am not saying give up on your dream; perhaps you just need a shift in perspective.

The late comedian George Carlin coined a phrase Vuja de. It`s the opposite of déjà vu.  Vuja de is having a fresh set of eyes to see the same thing as everyone else but understand it in a unique way. Could that be the You-Turn that you need at this season of your journey?

Making a Brilliant You-Turn doesn`t always mean that you have to do a 180 degree turn and go in the opposite direction, quit your job, business, or relationship. Sometime you just have to shift 45 degrees to the right or left and get a different view. See the same thing with a new set of eyes. Edie Weiner said it best People generally, both professionally and personally, know so much about what they know that they are the last to see the future differently. "

It has taken me six years to figure out what the heck I do. Yes, I have written books " big deal so what. I have traveled around the world " whoop de doo. What I realized is what really sets me on fire, makes my hair blow in the wind, and the hair on the back of my neck to tingle, is teaching people how to make a Brilliant You-Turn! That`s it.

That is my elevator pitch. That is my truth and that is my life. I show businesses and individuals how and why to make a U-Turn " You-Turn!

Making a Brilliant You-Turn (BYT) is about doing what is inconvenient.

Making a BYT is looking at everything you do and asking is what I`m doing today creating the tomorrow I want to live in?

Making a BYT is taking one small step to honor what is in your heart instead of the voice of fear in your head.

Making a BYT is taking control of the steering wheel of your life instead of letting it veer out of control.

Making a BYT is realizing that fearful people never grow. The weeds of limitation suffocate the oxygen of new fresh thinking.

Making a BYT is rebooting your internal system to create the new-new instead of regenerating the old files from yesterday.

Making a BYT is creating the world you want to live in instead of the world that has always been.

Making a BYT is asking bigger questions instead of settling for the same ole "same ole.

Making a BYT is becoming uncomfortable being comfortable?
What Brilliant You-Turn do you need to make? Tell me, I am curious and want to help you.