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Published:September 30th, 2009 20:28 EST
You're Invited: Reset, Reflect, and Release Your Brilliance in Costa Rica

You're Invited: Reset, Reflect, and Release Your Brilliance in Costa Rica

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Special Invitation from Simon T. Bailey
November 20-22, 2009

Reset, Reflect, and Release Your Brilliance in Costa Rica. Experience an UnRetreat for Dreamers, Doers, and anyone hungry for a breakthrough. 

It`s time to release this past year`s disappointment, discouragement and dissatisfaction.

It`s time for you to reflect on the personal and professional lessons learned during this economic tsunami and reset your internal compass to find your true north.

Shift happens when the shifted decide to become the shifter! It`s time to unwind, understand, and unearth the brilliance within you.

This unretreat will shift your focus and release your brilliance into the greatest decade of your life.

Come, escape from the rate race of life, let go of what has held you back and reach for a better tomorrow "a bright future awaits.

Who is this UnRetreat for?
Individuals and business professionals who are called to find their brilliance and release it in themselves and others.

Why would you come to this UnRetreat?
The skill of igniting your brilliance is critical to being the difference that makes the difference inside your place of business and your life.

Discover the secret sauce to creating the future instead of having it created for you.

Take a "time out` from the concrete jungle to reconnect with "you` in a little piece of Paradise, surrounded by a lush rainforest with warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.
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