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Published:November 12th, 2009 13:07 EST
Unlock Your Future Part 2

Unlock Your Future Part 2

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Hi, Simon T. Bailey here again and it`s DAY 2 of "Simon Says...SHIFT"

Unlock Your Future WEEK.
What I have found to be true of human behavior`s easier to sit in neutral than it is to SHIFT into drive. Don`t make this mistake!
Today, I have an exciting video for you to watch.
First, I want to share a couple of testimonials from Jeff and Courtney Shaw and Solange Dao. All have discovered how to shift from neutral into drive which has allowed them to release their brilliance in miraculous ways to achieve outstanding success and accomplish their financial dreams and career goals.
Second, I have a very encouraging video for you called: "Historically, when has brilliance been released?"  In this video you will discover how unique YOU are, and it will give you great ideas on how to "Release Your Brilliance!"   

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Simon T. Bailey
Brilliance Institute