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Published:November 28th, 2009 10:29 EST
Get Their Attention!!!!

Get Their Attention!!!!

By Clayton S. Jeppsen

     The Most important Decisions You Need to Make in Order to Give an

                        Effective, Informative Speech About Ideas.



Purpose: demonstrate the ability to prepare, organize and deliver an effective speech.


Introduction: Buller, . . . Buller, . . . . How many of you have thought that during a speech or lesson? You saw a class mate or a member of an audience spacing off into an oblivion much more exciting than the one you were in at the moment. Or maybe it was the tone of or voice of the orator that caused you to repeat those words in your head.  Now, for those of you who live in the Phoenix area you`ve probably heard this annoying jingle over your car radio. Michael Crawford wants to SEE ya in a Michael Crawford KIA. The difference is, you remembered what Michael Crawford said. For purposes of training this instruction is delivered to you in proper outline criteria.


Central Idea: Give an informational speech in an effective, memorable way.


Preview: I am going to identify some of the steps that it takes to become that person who everyone says, He`s a great public speaker, or she was born for the spotlight.


Body Outline:



              a) Define communication goal " really think about the message you want to

                  give and why.

              b) Evaluate receiver / situation " who are you speaking to? Where are you?

              c) Create message " actually put thought into this.

              d) Identify communication strategy " what is the best way to get your point


              e) Deliver message

              f) Evaluate feedback


2.     VERBAL vs. VOCAL  - I never said he stole the money. " Say this phrase over and over with emphasis on each separate word. It means something different each way it is said.


                     a) Volume " announcement to the world, or secret between you and me.  

                     b) Rate " I am rushed, I don`t have time for you, or I care about you. I have      

                         time for you.

                     c) Pitch " are you telling a scary story to a group of trick-or-treaters, or are

                         you speaking to a brand new baby? Your pitch will change, won`t it.


  1. ARROWS in the QUIVER

             a) Try humor " Geiko lizard and caveman / Jack Links "messin with sasquach` 

             b) Engage " call their attention, look in the eyes, ask questions take     

                  unexpected pauses.

             c) Share personal experiences " no documents needed, a nice break.


Conclusion: When I was in the police academy 10 years ago we probably had at least three instructors a day in the classroom. I remember a famous phrase that many of them used: No sleeping. If you`re tired stand at the back of the classroom.  It`s almost like those instructors knew their class was going to be boring and put us to sleep. In all honesty, those classes were boring. The instructors who were confident with their presentations never had to tell us to stand at the back of the class. No one ever got sleepy in their classes. They put in the time and effort that is necessary to deliver a knock your socks off presentation.


Thank you and good luck!