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Published:February 4th, 2010 09:49 EST

Be a Quantum Leap Thinker

By Simon Bailey (Mentor/Columnist)

Most Wanted - Game Changers

Be a game changer in your life, industry, market and sector. Change the game or be forced to react to changes in the game.
I have a confession to make. I finally decided to drink the Avatar Kool-Aid ( and see the movie instead of living it through the eyes of those who had already converted to Avatarism. Well, I must admit that Avatar is a game changer. I want to give James Cameron a virtual fist bump for once again pushing the boundaries of what`s possible in filmmaking.

quantum leap

I knew this was a different type of movie when my local IMAX theater was sold out for every showing for one month straight. I should`ve known that there was something different about this movie when people were glued to their seat (including myself and my 10 year old son) and then applauded at the end. Avatar is more than a movie. It`s a movement, a revolution, a barrier breaker.

Apple has just introduced the new iPad tablet computer which fully immerses the whole world into m-commerce (mobile computing). Yes, we love the internet and our computers. Now, just think of all of the possibilities with this tablet. It`s what Ryan Kim, staff writer at the, calls "a game changer in many fields." 

If you intend to experience a spectacular decade with all of the unforeseen trials and triumphs, then you will need a game changer mindset.

What is it?
A game changer shifts the boundaries of what is expected and possesses barrier breaking potential. When watching a sporting event, you have likely heard the announcer say that a certain play or player was a game changer. I became intrigued by this phrase and decided to Google it. Here is what I discovered.

A Game Changer according to Georges Yared  author of Baby Boomer Investing...Where do we go from here?) "defines or redefines the sector where it competes. A game changer sets the pricing and margin model in its sector. A game changer explores new geographies for its products, and in many cases betters mankind. A game changer, regardless of current size, grows its revenues and earnings at the highest levels within its respective sector."

That is so cool. I just love it. A game changer decides that they are sick and tired of being sick and tired. They are done with being spammed by the roller coaster economy, post-recession blues, and the monthly labor-market report. Where`s the good news? If you are waiting for it, don`t. It`s time to create your own. Take your right hand and grab your right collar. Take your left hand and grab your left collar.  Now pull yourself into a new reality. Enough is enough. It`s time to be a Game Changer. So how do you do it? Please consider the following:

Be a Quantum Leap Thinker

 - A quantum leap is a sudden large increase or dramatic advance; Moving from where you once were to where you intend to be. It`s time to see what is happening in the world; take a quantum leap in your thinking to create your future instead of having it created for you. This happens one day, one conversation, and one meeting at a time. There are seven levels in one dimension and when you skip from level one to level seven that`s a quantum leap. You begin to think in dimensions instead of just levels. For more on this idea, visit and type in "String Theory".   
2.    Be Intentional with your time and energy, this is your most precious asset. Don`t feel obligated to meet with everyone. Find a way to say "No" more often so that you can have some "me time". Recently, a dear friend of mine wanted to me to go out of town with him and I said "Dude, I am staying home with my family. I am gladly taking my 7 ½ year old princess to the father-daughter dance at her school." That is more important than chasing another deal.
3.    Read and listen to the all information with a discerning eye and a guarded ear. In other words, eat the meat and spit the bones out. Okay that is a little graphic, but you get the picture. Write a cover story about your future life. Put it into an envelope and mail it to yourself. When you receive it don`t open it until the end of the year. When you do, see if you have become what you have written down.
4.    Plan an overseas trip. Europe is on sale, Africa is affordable, Asia is more reasonable then you can imagine. The world is global and you owe it to yourself to see it before you are put six feet underneath the earth. If you are working for a company that has overseas offices, put in for a transfer to go work overseas. I am a living witness that when Disney sent me to Paris in 1999, it changed my life. It was the first time that I had ever left the shores of the United States of America. If you own your own business then take a business field trip overseas.
5.    Be a student of your industry and market. Who are the top 20% in your field of business? Who are the men and women shaping the conversation in your industry? Write a whitepaper, case study or article about trends you see. That`s right, you have brilliance within you. Release it. Commit to reading two books a week. Sounds impossible. Well, consider if you read the table of contents and find the chapters that most appeal to where you are right now in your journey. Read them and you will have read the book. The author is not going to hold a gun to your head for not finishing the book. You read what you needed, hopefully applied it and now waiting to see the results of your effort.

Yes, you don`t have to be a victim of the game. You can change it. You are the most wanted person because of your game changing mindset. Break the barrier limited potential and shift into an incredible future.

Tell me what is one thing that you can do to be a Game Changer? E-mail me at

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