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Published:February 21st, 2010 10:37 EST
Jerome Enders

Yonkers the Lost City of Hip Hop/Comes to Macon State College

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Speaking Live @MaconState
{Rehearsal Hall of the H/SS Building}

FEB. 26th, 2010 11:00 am

$5.00 Admission


Who is Jerome Enders: Born in Yonkers, New York, a product of Mulford Gardens, Jerome Enders was bred to survive, harness emotion, and endure his share of ups and downs. No American Dream, childhood was plagued with drug addiction, loyalty is a must and dreams are to be robbed if focus goes astray. Jerome Enders is a visionary, a motivator; someone who has the ability to touch people with words and leave impressions on not only their minds, but also their hearts. A combination of various abilities that link up to reach the same goal, he is a friend to a friend, a brother to a brother, and a father to two daughters. And in between writings and other tasks, he makes time to teach them about everything from business to changing a flat tire and even Mitochondrial DNA, the science of genetics that are only passed from woman to woman.

Jerome comes from a melting pot of cultures, experiences and where dreams get you as far as you create them. That`s right home to the Yonkers: The Lost City of Hip Hop Pt. 1, Yonkers has played out and surely authenticated 30 years of what was known as hip hop. Mr. Enders has already succeeded in setting himself apart easily being able to describe his writing style as, I developed a writing style that is going to take a life of its own. I have so much to draw from. I am going to write books from so many angles and still be solid. From my project up bring, I can give you a good street novel. "

One of those many angles and a trade of Jerome`s, is barbering. A proven man of discipline Mr., Enders has visualized and already started working his way to the top. With a legacy plan and visual to get off, Jerome Enders is looking to conquer both the film and book industries. What some may lack Jerome is sure to never pick up, versatility in his books is what makes him appeal, Its` real raw and edgy but regardless of what I write, it is always set up where a kid can pick it up and read it. No way I`m about to separate myself from many other." As Mr. Enders stays true to bring good street novels he longs for the true essence of hip hop to be restored.

See, growing up in New York hip hop was both routine through life, but today it has reached the masses of the earth. Looking at hip hop and how it has spread around the world and the love it has, it brings a joy to his heart. Neighboring already popular cities Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and various other cities, the culture and growth of hip hop has been mostly monetary leaps. Nowadays he attest there`s a lot of fake music out there " real instruments being replaced by auto tune and younger lyricists still sulking in the shadows of the veterans. The days of rapping about selling drugs, coppin` whips, and selections of women is fading, old and no longer authentic. For 15 years we have seen the emergence of commercial hip hop, endorsing a large feat and short lived display of success. Numb to the usual video vixens and creative concepts, music is the true addiction. Jerome recalls Pt. 2 of Yonkers: The Lost City of Hip Hop They say Music Calms the Savage Beast, but in many cases music activated the savage beast. "

He has already visualized and prepared for his 5 and 10 year plans to come forth. In the next two years moving comfortably he expects 5-6 books published, and his first movie script negotiated and sold as well. He is ensuring he evolves to his next level of creativity. Still writing his legacy, he only hopes to have enough time to put his visions and thought on paper and film so that the world as well can experience by way of various mediums of expression. I want to be remembered for my cutting edge imagination and my ability to make the reader say "where did he get that from?` " He believes dreaming over the top is all he needs to hold onto and solidify his spot.This summer it`s about to heat up again with the release of Jerome Ender`s highly anticipated sophomore book. He is yearning to express his unusual talent, and become the author`s author.

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