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Published:July 26th, 2006 06:53 EST
Study In Oxford

Study In Oxford

By Nancy Prodnuk

This July I had the incredible opportunity to study at the University of Oxford in England.  I had never been out of the Country; in fact, I have never visited many of the tourist destinations in the U.S.  Did I mention I have a phobia of flying?  I am absolutely terrified to fly, but I was determined to face my fear in an effort to look beyond and experience what this opportunity had to offer.

Words can hardly express my emotions when we touched down in England--part relief, part joy, part pride in that I was able to complete the 9 hour flight over without becoming sick!  The beauty of the country--and of Oxford--was beyond anything I have seen.  I initially compared it to storybooks: The quaint homes with tile or thatched roofs, the sheer age of the city and historic buildings, the thought that ancient writers or thespians have walked on the very cobblestones I trod. 

Something about the very study of academics in the city of Oxford brings out the best in students.  I saw students grasping for deeper meaning in their speaking and presentations than ever before.  School work was not about simply completing the task; but rather, contributing in the most meaningful way possible.

I'm certain that other historic towns have much to offer students who desire to obtain education beyond the norm.  If possible, I recommend studying abroad to anyone who can afford the opportunity.  I guarantee it will change your life.  You will begin to see your studies as a serious contribution to society beyond the normal American-centric perspective.  Perhaps it will spur you on to significant social change, perhaps it will not.  However, it certainly will add a greater academic dimension to your life, allowing you to view your education as a learning experience beyond the classroom.  With the world as your classroom, you will succeed as you interact with cultures beyond your own.