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Published:September 23rd, 2006 14:22 EST

America Scaring Off Foriegn Tourists

By Anita Helton

September 11, 2001, have several effects on America.  It pulled on our heart strings, took some of our loved ones and friends, increased our patriotism and instilled such a fear in us that we have vowed to protect the land of the free any way we can. 

One effect that has not been as obvious is the decline in tourism in America.  According to Time Magazine Online America has lost about $286 billion dollars in revenue from foreign tourists.  It seems not only did the hijackers scare Americans to live here, but they scared off those who travel here.  Time Magazine went on to say that "While global travel has grown by a fifth, the US travel industry's share of the world tourism market has shrunk by a third, from 9% to 6%."  That is a big drop in our tourism, which to many states, such as Florida, is a huge part of the economy. 

Tourist sites such as Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida are suffering.  Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Jay Rasulo, feels it is because of our unpopularity overseas.  He said "Among Europeans, [the US] was the third favorite destination, now it's the sixth and declining."  This could be fear of being here or one of the effects of our Iraqi efforts.  This along with our less than loving relationships with some of the other countries of the world are plummeting our tourism revenue. 

According to an article by the Seattle Times published on September 13th, 2006 "representatives of the travel industry — as large as the Disney Co. and as small as the Des Moines (Iowa) Conference and Travel Bureau — are converging on Washington, D.C., today to launch the Discover America Partnership, which aims to restore some of the billions of dollars in international tourism that the U.S. has lost in the first half of this decade."

Hopefully the Discover America Partnership will bring back some of those lost dollars to American Shores. When the U.S. is eight and a half trillion dollars in debt we cannot afford to scare off money.