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Published:March 4th, 2007 13:42 EST

Orlando's Best Season

By Krista Belles

February in Florida is beautiful. While the rest of the country is shivering in the cold weather and snowstorms, Florida is basking in 60 degree temperatures. Of course, Floridians will tell you its cold out, and you will find true Floridians pulling out sweaters and jackets when the temperature dips below 70, but for the snowbirds, the mild temperatures and lack of humidity are a welcome relief.


Orlando is well known for its variety of theme parks. When is a good time to visit those parks? February is a great time because the schools are back in session and true Floridians do not feel like venturing to an outdoor park in the "cold." Lines at all area theme parks are relatively short (short being 30 minutes or less), especially if you decide to visit during a weekday. The humidity that plagues Florida during warmer months has all but disappeared and the weather is typically quite pleasant. There are few rainstorms during this month, and no risk of a ruined vacation due to a hurricane.


Most hotels drop their rates during this "slow season," so finding a hotel room for a value price is not a challenge. Even the smaller attractions, such as those dotting
International Drive
and the ever popular 192 area, are usually not crowded.


A few words of advice for those that do flock to the area during this mild month. A jacket would still be recommended, even for those hardier, cold-weather types, because the evenings do tend to get cooler. Temperatures in the mid to upper 30's are not unheard of and are, in fact, quite common. A beach trip would probably be unwise during this month as the ocean temperature drops drastically. A trip to local water parks would probably be a better idea, since all the water parks have heated water.