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Published:May 12th, 2007 19:29 EST
 I Have Taken A Journey

I Have Taken A Journey

By Carolee Kaufold

Over the past few months, I have taken a journey. It was to rest and relaxation. A small island in my mind.

I was getting sick of hearing about me. I wanted to hear about how other people were living their lives, about weddings, about jobs and struggles and triumphs. I have been reading a lot of e-mails, and just listening. Some times answering privately or simply just praying.

Over the past years; I have shared stories about what brought me to this stage of my life. Thirteen years ago, I was in a horrific traffic accident. I coded two times and have always wondered why I was given a second chance at life. The accident give me gifts. Yeah, that is what I said. I have given me a change of life.

While my body is physically poor, my spirit is lifted. I have often said "I need to get a life" and "I have too much time on my hands." Last night was a sleepless night. I twisted and turned thinking about just that. The life I needed was right before me. The time on my hands has given me a chance to be changed.

At this old computer, I had met people I would never have met in all my years as a Travel Agent. I have had the opportunity to chat with folks from North Carolina, California, Utah, even over seas at the same time. I have shared joy and pain and was comforted by strong people. I have been IM'd and asked for advice. I have had a good laugh and a good cry in the same day.

When I would send out my stories, I would hold my breath and hit the send key. A lot of the time I would think "I don't even know why I thought this was interesting". Soon e-mail would return with messages of "Wow, did I need to hear that", I would be encouraged by my readers more that I could ever say.

Since I have been doing "My Thoughts", I have had the honor to meet a lot of you. Some even flew to Florida to meet me. I have tried to meet some on my travels out of Florida. The meeting was always the same. It was like meeting a long lost friend. Six years ago I was given gift of an Irish Linen Hanky. It was from a large group of Internet friends that wanted to make their presence known on a happy occasion in my life.

That hanky symbolized how I feel about the folks I have met here on my computer. It was pure white, like the emotions I get from you. Its threads interwoven are the numbers of friends I have made. The lace work is delicate, like the souls I have touched. And the most important part of the hanky is its strength; that is what all of you have given to me.

I would love to hear your stories, your hopes and dreams and your sorrow and pain. One day, I wrote a heart wrenching story. I really had doubts about telling my darkest pain, but in return I received over three hundred e-mails telling me that my pain was forgivable. I was told that it was OK to feel like I did, and would really like for you to have the same feeling. My soul flew that day. I was no longer a captive to sad feelings.

This time out, I want to introduce you to each other. There are so many wonderful friends out there. I have reached households as far away as Europe and as near as 8 houses down the block. To the friends that have urged me to write again, thank you! The cob webs have been cleared. And my mind is less foggy.

I will be sitting here and thinking about all the joy and sorrow that you have told me about, and I will be here for prayer and a shoulder to lean on and a hand to hold. We may be faceless friends, but we all share the same heart!