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Published:May 12th, 2007 11:09 EST
Sitting by the Ocean

Sitting by the Ocean

By Carolee Kaufold

Sitting looking at the sea could be my ideal occupation. Listening to the waves hit the shore seems to calm my soul. I can look out to the ends of the world and really feel I am the only person on earth. I would think how I would like the planet to be. I would want quiet, fresh air, beauty and cool breezes. After a while, I would want someone to join me and enjoy these simple joys of life.

Together, we could walk on unspoiled beaches, sit under star filled nights and whisper our dreams. Would we get lonely? I guess after we have spoken about all that we could think of, we would want new subjects. Therefore, a neighbor may appear. The two then becomes a crowd. They might have different views than my partner and me, but we would eagerly listen and learn from each other.

Then there would have to be other places to go; a movie theater, a mall and a zoo. We would have to see how the animals play, how our fashions should look and how a musical is shown. Next, we would need a school so we could learn more; a museum, so we could see beauty; and a Theme park to entertain us. We would have to go to work to pay for all of this. While at our desk, we would dream about sitting on the beach and watching the tide come in again.

So here I am again, sitting at the beach, wondering why I ever got up and invited all the hustle and bustle in my life in the first place. Here are the answers I have come up with. Laughter, a giggle, the smile of a child. Compassion, relationship and caring from a dear friend. Respect, honor and love of a spouse. Wonder from a student. Amazement from a teacher. Making a parent proud. Being admired by a son or daughter.

Living a life alone is fine for one or two days... OK three days. However, the touch, the smell, the warmth from another is needed for us to grow. We need to have ideas pitched at us. We need to learn how to be a better person. We need to do things in our lives for others. Even if that means waiting in line at Wal*Mart to return a gift.

We need to grow flowers, to paint pictures, to write letters. We have to be examples of lemonade makers. We have to turn all the sour experiences around and make them sweet. OK, so how do we do that? We stop thinking about "How I want things," and start thinking about "How I can better things". You can make your life a day at the beach by asking yourself "did I brighten up a new friend’s life?” "Did I make a trip to the doctor comfortable for an old friend ?" "Did I surprise my spouse by sending him a love note in his lunch box?" "Have I made my child's school test easier, but studying with them a little longer?"

OK, now the secret. We have to be good to ourselves. We go without new shoes, so our children can get books to read. We go without makeup, so that there will be money for a trip to the movies. And we go without having time for ourselves, so that an extra story is read at bedtime. Here is how to have time for yourself. You don't have to get up early or stay up late, all you have to do is close your eyes and think of clouds, flowers, oceans and say "God made them first and saved the best for last; Humans". God cares for us so much that He made sure we would have beauty, food and shelter in our lives. He wanted us to  live a life willed with love, joy and magic. For the most part, we do. We just have to give thanks for it each and every minute of each and every day. You have to open yourself up to the surprises that are waiting for you. When an unwelcome one happens, learn from it and get on to the next!

Because, I will be waiting for you here at the beach, so we can enjoy the sounds of the tide coming in and out of the shore!