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Published:July 20th, 2007 08:43 EST
Nepal--- the Largest Natural Museum in the  World

Nepal--- the Largest Natural Museum in the World

By Manish Lamichhane

Imagine a place where you can gaze at the wonders of the world’s highest mountain range whose beauty is a feast to behold. A place where heady mixture of unique culture is proudly preserved, a place, which the land is blessed by the Lord Guttam Buddha. It is small and beautiful place where the brave Gorkhali lives.

Nepal is a country with mind-boggleing adventure and remarkable natural beauty which lies on the southern part of Asia, between china and India. It is even said to be “A yam between two big stones.” Nepal is a land-lock country. The elevation of the country ranges from 70m above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8848 m. The people of Nepal are called Nepalese and the mother language is Nepali. Nepal currency is called Nepalese rupees-- approximately US $1.00 equal rs 5.64 as of June 19 2007.

Nepal has always been an independent and sovereign country with a glorious history, culture and tradition that dates back to time immemorial. Nepal was divided into 22 state and 42 state on ancient. In the time of King Prithvi Narayan shah, the great have combined the small state on one whole kingdom. He divided people on 4 cast and 36 sub cast according to their specialties on their work. Before shah dynasty Malla kings, whose contribution to art and culture are indeed great, unique ruled the Kathmandu valley.  Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan were divided into 3 kingdoms and always had a quarrel between each other so it was easy for king shah to win who was from Gorkha.

Nepal is Hindu nation on world where 23 million of people are living on 1, 47,181 The main occupation of Nepalese people is farming. About 80% of the population depends upon farm. Nepal has more then 60 ethnic groups and 70 spoken languages, but the common language, Nepali, unites them.

Nepal is living museum of ancient temples, places, palaces, and shrine, square and country yard. Nepal is considered as one of the best adventure destinations in world. The best way to experience Nepal’s unbeatable combination of natural beauty and cultural richness is gained by walking. You  can even  make  trek on  high  mountain to  low  hills which  would  welcome you  by fresh air and smell of jasmine. You can make trekking on the remote place like dolpa, manang that can make you sock by the smile of the mountain with snow capped. If  you  do  trekking  on  the  hills,  the  forest animals and birds will show you  the  right  way .The thousands  of  butterflies  with different  colors will show you  the  destination, making like a rainbow.

Nepal is famous for rafting, bang jumping and crayoning. You can even enjoy the nature by jungle safari on the terai region on national parks. You can visit there by different means like elephant, jeep, foot, dugout canoe, etc.  The jungle walk gives you the close opportunities to view the animals nearby. The unlimited thrill of bungy jump can be experienced in Nepal. The jump is 160 m above and some jumpmasters from various countries are there to help you. It is above one of the biggest rivers, bhote koshi. If you think you can do it, then welcome to Nepal.

A place which is famous for rock climbing, mountain biking, bird watching, mountain flight, etc., can make your holiday wonderful. You can enjoy by village tour, Para gliding, hot-air ballooning .If you have a month holiday, make sure you will visit Nepal so you will  believe my article. We all would be glad to extend our warm hospitality and hope that you will come to Nepal to visit.

Welcome to Nepal!

Source:  Guide Book of Nepal