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Published:May 27th, 2008 08:14 EST
Don't Pay Checked Baggage Fees

Don't Pay Checked Baggage Fees

By SOP newswire2

 If you have better use for your money than giving the airlines $25-$50 per checked bag when you travel, here's good news. Dr. Pat Boone, a packing pro, former international travel agent and airline professional, is sharing her expert tips for traveling with only carry-on luggage.

"I used to be like everyone else, dragging huge suitcases behind me, having them fall over when trying to get through doors, and looking for the elevator because it was too dangerous to navigate the escalator with all my luggage. Then, one day I decided - enough!"

That's when she developed "Pat's Packing Tips for Trips," which she shares as a speaker to groups in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and to groups around the country. She shared with us a few of her tips.

First, have a checklist that you refine as you travel. (You can find a sample of Pat's Packing List on her website at For business, a basic black suit can cover day and night meetings, with only a change of tops, plus jewelry and scarves. A black wrinkle-free raincoat is a must, because if you're overloaded on the return trip, you can put shoes or other items in your coat pockets and carry your coat on the airplane over your arm. In fact, the more pockets your coat has, the more extra items you can carry on board in addition to your allowed luggage, if you're discreet about it.

Even on small regional jets, there is storage overhead and under the seat. Remember that your heavier rolling suitcase should fit under the seat, because what you need to lift overhead should be your lighter weight luggage containing your bulkier and more flexible items. A smaller rolling suitcase can be rolled down the aisle and need not be lifted. "I have a special size just for the smaller regional jets."

So, what to wear? Always dark basic colors that can be easily wiped clean. "Everything I carry can be washed in the sink and hung to dry. Therefore, I have a "travel outfit." I leave my "regular" clothes at home that need a washer and dryer or dry cleaning. Also, I carry dry detergent, so that it doesn't count as one of my 3 oz. liquid items in my one quart bag limit for carry- on luggage."

Two days before your trip, refill and recharge everything on your list...then, when it's time to pack, you can easily pack your travel outfit, shoes, scarves, jewelry and makeup in less than two hours.

While you're trying to downsize, you might consider the much-maligned "fanny pack." It can store everything you need at your seat during your flight, and, if worn out of sight under your clothes, doesn't count as your one personal item that is allowed with your one bag allowance for carry-on. "I call this 'body luggage'."

Transfer your music or whatever you want to listen to onto a flashstick-size device, and use folding ear buds with noise-suppression in case you have noisy neighbors. "I also travel with emergency items, like a mylar survival blanket the size of a deck of cards. In case of a smoke emergency, I carry swim goggles, a thin washcloth, and water in a "sippy cup" where I can always get to them, in case of an emergency on any public transportation or at my hotel."

Dr. Pat Boone is the only female member of the Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission, having been an international travel agent and in airline management. Her expertise comes not only from her occupations, but also from traveling the world, always trying to find an easier way to travel.


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