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Published:June 2nd, 2008 21:45 EST
Maybe Make a Quick Stop at Paradise Between Errands Tomorrow?

Maybe Make a Quick Stop at Paradise Between Errands Tomorrow?

By Justin Brandt

The real problem with relaxation is that the human mind abhors a void. We desire a break from our responsibilities and worries, but we cannot tolerate the absence of thoughts or stimulation. If we try, we end up with nothing to do but fret over everything twice as much, or plan activities that are actually mentally and physically taxing as entertainment. True relaxation is an art, that requires stimuli and peace simultaneously; and Urbàna is a conglomeration of many artists who specialize in bringing this to you.

Urbàna Cityspa is a massage-only spa with a menu of eleven specialized massages, available in a choice of seven different ?environments` of relaxation. These beautiful rooms and expert massages act as the energy and matter to fill up the void of thought and stimuli perfectly, allowing you to gain physical and mental peace, perhaps for the first time. The hard worker who needs to loose his edge and gain peace might find sanctuary in an Olympian massage, or two lovers can find escape from outside pressure and treat themselves to a perfect massage side by side in The Nirvana Room. There is even a chance to make a quick stop over in paradise between your errands with the half hour Marrakesh Express Swedish massage. This was, in fact, the original ideal that President Nancy Goodwin had when Urbàna was created; a way to get a relaxing massage for busy customers without need of an appointment, and a massage-only spa atmosphere.

Because Urbàna separates massage from the usual spa environment, there are no hair dryers blowing, and there`s no music blaring. We`re able to create a relaxing environment that includes down tempo, chill music. ?

Urbàna also offers loose leaf Teas from all over the world. They have 62 different exotic types of tea now, many of which are fair-trade, encouraging fair wages and better living conditions for tea supply workers. (Similarly, a portion of all profits are donated to well trusted charities and causes. If you are looking to spoil yourself without the guilt, I believe I`ve found a solution ?) The Teabar and lounge came about because of Nancy Goodwin`s passion for exposing American`s to premium teas, and re-teaching people to relax in a social situation in the lounge, which has no television or magazines to detract from the relaxing experience of tea, music, art and good conversation.

Relaxing in the lounge enhances the benefits of massage, and most people stay with us for tea afterwards, too. Complimentary tea before and after massage is part of the Urbàna experience ?

Another part of the experience is the inclusion of artwork into the atmosphere. Urbàna features artists to be exhibited who have international influence. Now through July thirty first, the work of artist Natalia Nakazawa will be featured.

Urbàna provides a physical and aural haven from stress in every aspect. The Urbàna can be found at 7510 Pineville-Matthews Rd. Suite 5B. Charlotte, NC 28226, and easily examined further by visiting their website at