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Published:June 28th, 2008 13:29 EST
American Airlines Does The Right Thing: Kicks Mom And Autistic Toddler To The Curb

American Airlines Does The Right Thing: Kicks Mom And Autistic Toddler To The Curb

By Robert Paul Reyes

"There were no weapons on board or concerns about terrorism, but an American Eagle flight about to take off from Raleigh-Durham, N.C., airport was turned back to its gate on Monday to remove two passengers

American Eagle

The culprits? An upset, autistic toddler and his mother.

By all accounts, two-year-old Jarret Farrell wasn`t a happy traveler. But his mother, Janice Farrell, who said she tried everything to calm her son, believes there was no reason for the airline to kick them off the plane."

Quotation from ABC News

In this age of terrorism and rising airline tickets travel by air is very stressful, and nothing exacerbates the pressure more than a bawling, incontinent baby. I strongly believe that an infant should be charged twice as much as an adult, parents should be pressured to leave their little terrors at home.

When the toddler is autistic, it intensifies an already untenable situation. Unless it`s an emergency a parent should leave an autistic toddler at home, when traveling by air.

An autistic baby is not a second-class citizen, but the world should not revolve around him. Two hundred passengers should not be inconvenienced, because a Mom wasn`t considerate enough to leave her troublesome kid home.

Jarret`s Mom reminds me of those parents who have children who are allergic to peanuts, and expect a school to ban peanuts. A child with an allergy isn`t royalty, it`s insane to ban peanuts from a school to pander to a Mom from hell.

A child who won`t stop screaming and crying is a threat to the safety of the passengers. Not to mention, that an unstable passenger might just shut up the child in his own way.

An uncontrollable kid, and that`s exactly what this toddler was, will force the flight attendants to devote most of their time trying to soothe him, and neglect their other duties.

Of course I don`t fault the autistic child, my fury is directed at the spoiled mother who is willing to make everyone miserable by traveling with her uncontrollable, bawling, screaming offspring.

Kudos to American Airlines for doing the right thing and kicking the Mom and her unruly child to the curb.