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Published:February 24th, 2009 12:49 EST
US Airways Will Stop Charging For Sodas, Juices and Coffee

US Airways Will Stop Charging For Sodas, Juices and Coffee

By Robert Paul Reyes

There`s been a recent trend in the airline industry of charging passengers for every conceivable amenity: Pillows, earphones...

I`m surprised airlines haven`t installed coin operated restrooms and coin operated oxygen masks.

But a major airline has done an about face:

"In the ultra-competitive airline industry, it`s tough being out there alone as the only large network carrier to charge some passengers for soda, juice and coffee, especially in the middle of a deep economic recession that is sharply reducing demand for air travel.

US Airways is acknowledging as much, planning to announce Monday that free beverage service will resume on March 1 on board its planes.

The airline began charging $2 for soda, juice, coffee and bottled water in coach cabins on domestic flights on Aug. 1 2008. First-class passengers and all passengers traveling on trans-Atlantic flights still received free drinks."

Fox News.Com

To charge a beleaguered and stressed-out passenger for a drink of water or a cool refreshing Coke is unconscionable, I`m glad the airline had a change of heart. After being frisked by a rent-a-cop, and fighting other passengers to get to your seat, the least we deserve is a complimentary alcoholic beverage. If US Airlines wants to get a leg up on the competition, they should give every passenger one free beer or glass of wine.

If passengers had a complimentary alcoholic beverage, it would make life easier for the flight attendants. Passengers would be less stressed out, and less likely to complain about a crying baby or air turbulence.

But I`m grateful for the free soda pop, in these hard economic times every penny counts.