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Published:July 12th, 2009 16:15 EST
Bound for Europe This Summer?

Bound for Europe This Summer?

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

As a young tourist, you have either travelled to Europe, already, in one of your summer vacations or you will travel in the near future. The aim and the program of your trip, although differs according to everyone`s interest, is the same for all: to see as much as possible, in your limited time in Europe.

If it is your first visit to Europe, and if you can stay in Europe for a month, you can, see, for example, London, Paris, Nice, Rome, Florence, Venice, Berlin.  Eurail or Interrail tickets for a month are excellent for this purpose. You can travel in the modern European trains, meet people, see the above cities for a few days each and get an all-round taste of Europe, although this is just the start of a European adventure.

I have roamed Europe with 12 Eurail cards and 13 Interrail tickets of one month each and cannot claim that I have seen all or the most.

If you come to Europe the second time and would like to see different places, you can include in your itinerary:  Istanbul, Athens, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Switzerland, Austria. For Istanbul and Athens plane travel is recommended, as trains are not fast and comfortable in that part of Europe. Or you can substitute for some of these cities, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Gent in Belgium, Annecy in France (just by Geneva, Switzerland), and Salzburg are also very spectacular cities.

A third visit to Europe can include Prag, Budapest, Travemunde beach near Lubeck Germany, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Norway and Finland and St. Petersburg and Moscow.

If you like to come fourth time, to Europe, I would recommend French villages, Italian small towns and hunting lodges in the mountains, Ireland and small towns and villages of the U.K. And in the winter, ski resorts of Switzerland, Austria, France and Italy and Spain are very attractive.

In further visits to Europe, of course, re-visiting some favourite cities like Paris and Venice and Rome and London comes to one`s mind, but Europe is full of other surprises as well- not to forget Izmir, a beautiful city with its International Fair, Greek islands;  many  resorts and small towns of Italy; Sevilla,  Malaga and Costa del Sol , Mallorca, Canary Islands of Spain; the southern coast of Portugal; Luxemburg, the coast of Croatia; Poland, Bulgarian and Romanian and Ukranian and Russian summer resorts.

A trip to Europe never ends!

If your budget is limited, European Youth Hostels provide you with inexpensive lodging. In these hostels, it is easy to meet other people as well.

Before boarding trains, it is advisable to buy your food for your journey as the restaurant cars are usually expensive, but between some points like from Germany to Denmark and Sweden, and from Sweden to Finland, boats have incredible open buffets at very low (tax-free) prices.

There are excellent guidebooks which give very invaluable tips for inexpensive hotels, restaurants, transportation and places to see. A carefully designed itinerary is the key for getting the most out of your trip in Europe!

Askin Ozcan is the author of six books, published in the U.S.A.: Stockholm Stories, The Second Venice, Wisdom In Smile, Small Miracles, Lightning and a Bouquet of Roses, The Mini-Submarine which are available at 200 internet bookshops and writes regularly for,

His web-page is :