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Published:August 13th, 2009 19:44 EST
The Big Apple and Little Oranges

The Big Apple and Little Oranges

By Mark Freedman

If I would have known how long it was going to take to get from San Diego to New York City by train, I would have flown.  Instead I took a train across the country which led me on my wildest adventure to the Big Apple as a young nineteen year old boy.

With not a care in the world, I would find love, pain, music, jail, adventures from The Bronx all the way to downtown Manhattan, and of course Brooklyn pizza. I witnessed the most deadly attack on the United States during 9/11 and lost myself in the most extraordinary city on earth. Three years would go by and I found myself obtaining every dream I had ever had (That didn`t pay), every dream except this, finding a stable life. I wanted a wife, a child, a home. I had to borrow money weekly from my friend`s to pay for my metro card subway pass.

I could not hold a job, even if the job was handcuffed to my hand. I bounced from borough to borough chasing the wind, blowing around the city, looking for anything new and exciting. My three years in NYC centered on an obsessive romance that brought me pain, which landed me in jail several times. Jail brought me nothing at all. The city was a big playground and I was jumping around it with my shoes in the dust. 

I played on film sets, ran from police, wrote music, sold music, performed music, sneaking into the same movie theater the entire time I lived in the city and never once paid a utility bill. I found the city to be my own personal playground. These are the sides of New York City people have never seen.  

My romance went back and forth, my pain went back and forth, and all the while I couldn`t understand why. Until one day, three years later "..I moved to Montana.

( "The Big Apple and Little Oranges" is complete and is approximately 90,000 words.)