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Published:August 26th, 2009 18:56 EST
Disney Vacation, Without Our Baby

Disney Vacation, Without Our Baby

By Mark Freedman

It was the summer of 2009. My wife and I went to Disney World!........without our little baby, Elizabeth.....

Now, I know what most of you are thinking... (How come they are so lucky.) And I am sure that some of you are also thinking (what a bunch of jerks!). Well let`s just say that Little Elizabeth might not have enjoyed the magical world of Disney as much as you may think. Could I be saying this to justify the situation. Sure. But am I? Not at all...This was the greatest post wedding vacation that Katey and I have ever taken!. Not only did I get a picture with Piglet at the outrageously over priced "Buffet" but I also got to spend loads of quality time with my wife.

Now let me back track a tad. My idea of a Disney vacation is "one" magical day with backpacks and jelly sandwiches. My wife, who is over obsessed with two things in life, feels that a true Disney vacation can consist of nothing less than; our daughters college fund to pay for the -four day- "Package", or a meal plan that cost more than the airfare. (That`s true, we had sky miles) And of course this.....why buy tickets for just this trip. Lets buy enough "non expiring" tickets for the years to come as well, saving them for a rainy day!. Implying of course that her and I would remain "Mickey and Minnie mouse". Well all in all, it was the best decision I never made. I loved the meal plan which allowed us to eat what ever we wanted the entire four days, at the most expensive places, saving us millions.

We rode every ride twice, fast and slow (also utilized "Fast Pass", where you can plan and schedule each ride by getting little reserve tickets, so you don`t have to wait in line, meaning my wife made us get to each theme park at 8:00 am every morning.) and we visited every one of Disney`s theme parks in Orlando. (There are four). By the way, "Its a small world" left me feeling out of place. Not one of the characters looked anything like me. Anyway, I of course did not know that Disney had this many parks, because growing up, my mom only took us for the day, allowing us to only see the "Magic Kingdom".. Boy was I surprised to learn there were three other kingdoms out there. None of which had any magicians.

Interestingly enough, it was a blast from my youth. A place where the day ends too soon. My best friend shared my laughter. My sister and her husband joined us and shared theirs as well. This vacation of 2009 in Florida was the best yet. But instead of a sad ending, there was only the looking forward to our little baby girl, who we left in Billings Montana for two weeks, with a runny nose and really  bad sore throat............