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Published:March 19th, 2010 20:26 EST
Hollywood California

Will Roberts Travel Telegram: On the Road to LA

By Will Roberts

Today I`m on a road trip going to Hollywood, California. I`m working on a film project. I can`t say much but when I know something in the next couple of days and I can say something you`ll get film and video and audio and text. I have my Starbucks my USA Today newspaper and I got my camera, so hang tight check my Facebook fan page at my website. Will Rogers I`ll keep you updated. 


Now I will try to trump the big subject this week health care with some of the stuff I`m doing here in Hollywood. However this week is turning out to be a national healthcare week not that it`s being celebrated healthcare that is it just that since the subject seems to be 24 seven right now until they have something I figure we got to dedicate some attention to it this, Congress and Senate and the president have been doing it for a year!   

Democrats are just trying to get this vote done and Republicans are just well they`re filibustering well not what you think they`ll you want to hear them filibustering turn on AM talk radio and to get some conservative talk radio, there talking but not allowing the other side a word. More to come on this subject than anything else I happen to scrounge up and stay tuned and I`ll keep you posted on the road this is Will Roberts and this is your travel telegram!

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