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Published:May 31st, 2010 20:09 EST
air new zealand

Great News: Air New Zealand Will Allow Passengers To Text And Send Emails

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Air New Zealand is planning to let some passengers send text messages and emails mid-flight by the end of the year but fellow travelers need not worry -- phone calls will not be allowed.

air new zealandNew Zealand`s national carrier said it expects to let people send and receive text messages and emails on their iPhones, Blackberries and GSM mobiles on its new 777-300 aircrafts by November.

The new service will also enable customers to use their Netbooks or laptops in conjunction with their mobile broadband connection to access the Internet." Reuters

To be cut off from the world for four hours or longer is unacceptable. I don`t want to miss a news cycle, who knows what may happen while I`m in the air. Britney Spears may have shaved her head again; BP may have dropped a nuclear bomb on the oil leak; teabaggers may have taken up pitchforks and attacked the White House...

It`s rare that I let an hour go by without logging online, to sever that connection for a long period of time is simply not acceptable. I`m sure that many travelers will choose to fly Air New Zealand, because of their enlightened approach.

Thank goodness that phone calls won`t be allowed, calls onboard a plane will result in many incidents of air rage. It`s bad enough putting up with incontinent crying babies, air turbulence and the fear of terrorism.

Let`s hope that all the major airlines will follow the example of Air New Zealand.

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