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Published:June 9th, 2010 20:01 EST
Vacation Travel and Tourism Continues

Vacation Travel and Tourism Continues

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

New Ideas For Vacation Travel and tourism continues to advance in its plight. New ideas await the organisers, to be exploited.

Some seventy years ago, international travelling was for the rich or for the few select business executives or for statesmen, or for the poor emigrants looking for a new land to settle in. The word "tourism" was unheard in today`s popular tourism spots where land prices gained at least a thousand times compared with seventy years ago. Today, in the "tourism" jungle, there are very many choices to attract people with diverse interests and varying financial capacity. But, still, there are many openings in the tourism field, which if filled, would indeed be welcome by many.

One of the biggest needs of today, as a result of mushrooming urbanisation without a matching planning, is the meeting of people for friendship and for marriage. Increasing rate of divorces, abundancy of web-sites for meeting of people, are a clear proof of this.

Many travel today with the hope of "finding a suitable life partner". Singles tours, though few,
point at the same demand.

New resorts with well planned programs, to answer to the needs of people wishing to meet people, would certainly work and be popular in today`s "tourism jungle".

In my student years at the University of Toronto School of Architecture, I had designed such a resort. If such resorts are planned, to facilitate the meeting of people, would I am sure attract many clients.

Another development can be in planning holiday villages in the nordic countries, to function as "cool resorts", for people of the south, who want to escape from the dazzling sun of their regions.

Tours for businessmen to meet new partners, new representatives and new sales and purchase opportunities can always add to the liveliness in international trade.

"Returning to the village life", can boost the rural living, bring a new income to the villages and stop their population from immigrating to the cities to add to their unemployment.

People would certainly be attracted to sample the village life, in many countries.

One of my professors had jokingly said that, "We can also organise tours for people to visit the war zones and see how others fight and kill one another". Besides its humor and danger, such tours could perhaps be educational and inspire new impulses for "peace".

Inexpensive tours for the youth in cargo ships, where one can set up his tent on the deck, would not be bad either.

In my youth, teachers in Turkey, used to take advantage of the empty schools at the coast and stay in them, free of charge during the summer. My parents being both teachers, I spent many holidays like that. If organised, schools in attractive locations, could provide a splendid vacation to people during the summer holidays and provide extra financing for the educational authorities.

In any case, bed & breakfast type holidays already having become boring, new venues in tourism are always welcome, to inspire people in their lives after their vacations.


The author of this article, Askin Ozcan, is an architect who worked previously with tourism. He worked for B.E.A. in Istanbul in 1966 and was the manager of A.T.A. Tourism Ltd. in London in 1967 and the first reporter of Travel Trade Gazette International in Turkey in 1968 where he traveled extensively and reported on Turkish Tourism.

Askin Ozcan is the author of six books published in the U.S.A. and sold at 200 internet bookshops globally and via 25.000 bookstores : STOCKHOLM STORIES , THE SECOND VENICE, WISDOM IN SMILE, LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES, THE MINI-SUBMARINE, SMALL MIRACLES.

Information about his books can be found at : ,, ,, and at google.

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