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Published:March 17th, 2006 02:48 EST
OC is on tonight!

OC is on tonight!

By Miraya Berke

What is it that makes The OC such a compelling television show?
Could it be how the drama in the show makes the viewers forget their own stressful lives?
Could it be the amazing fashion styles of Summer and Marissa?
The beautiful stars of the hit TV show, could they add to the ratings?

Whatever it is that makes The OC so popular, the creators are doing a great job.

The OC has been on a break, and the viewers have desperately been waiting for another fix of the juicy addicting Television show.  Have no fear audience; The OC is back with even more fun than before!

Last Thursday, The OC was full of new twists.  Marissa and Ryan broke up, Ryan seemed to be interested in Johnny's cousin, summer’s dad and Marissa's mom have an affair, and Sandy is taken over by the scheming of his new business.

No idea what is going on?  Don't worry.  Right before the new episode begins of The OC, a short clip of previous episodes are shown to refresh everyone's memories.

Never seen The OC before?  Well, tune into Fox on Thursdays and watch The OC at 9/8c and see what new drama The OC gang has in store!