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Published:May 20th, 2006 10:18 EST
SOP writer: Season 6 of 'Smallville' TV show will be 'the corruption of good'

SOP writer: Season 6 of 'Smallville' TV show will be 'the corruption of good'

By Garrett Godwin

Before you see Superman return to the big screen this summer, you saw him on the small screen, only this time on Smallville as Clark Kent.  Where Superman Returns shows the Man of Steel finding his way again, Smallville shows us finding out who he is and where he comes from while discovering his powers and finding his place in the world.

The buzz of season five has been exteremely positive from critics and fans, making the series even more successful than ever.

What makes this season excellent is the characters are out of high school and finally growing up.  For instance, Clark and Lana were finally together after four years.  But as much as we love them together, we know they were never meant to be. 

Season five was also good because of the return of The Fortress of Solitude and popular villians such as General Zod.

But what makes Smallville pivotal this year is the death of Clark`s father Jonathan, but this is pivotal because Clark finally embraces his destiny as a symbol of peace, truth, justice...well, you know the rest.  Clark Kent, the farm boy from Smallville, becomes Clark Kent, the Man: Superman.  Another pivotal moment of Smallville is seeing the friendship slowly crumbled between Clark and Lex Luthor, who is on his way to the dark side.  Though we have mixed feelings about their friendship and want Lex good, we know they are destined to be enemies.

The season finale, "Vessel," has made everything come full circle this season, including the long-awaited battle between Clark and Lex.  Another is keeping us waiting as usual for next season. 

Smallville will be on the CW schedule this fall.  According to an online TV Guide interview with co-creator Al Gough, season six will introduce the Lex Luthor we all know to love and hate.  But it will also be the season of the corruption of good.

Looks like things are going to get worse before they get better.  It`s a tough job, but someone`s got to do it.  And his name is Clark Kent.