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Published:July 29th, 2006 05:18 EST
Sunday is Blade's Day on Spike TV

Sunday is Blade's Day on Spike TV

By Garrett Godwin

During the day, the world belongs to us-- the humans.  But during the night, it belongs to the vampires.  But somewhere in between lays someone who has all the skills of a warrior, the strengths of a vampire but none of its weakness, and the heart of a hero.  To him, it is a curse, but to us, it is a blessing because he is humanity's only chance for survivors. You can call him the Daywalker, but you know him as Blade.

He is back-- only this time on Spike TV in Blade: The Series.  Kirk "Sticky" Jones takes over for Wesley Snipes, who played the title character in the film trilogy from 1998-2004. 

The show picked up where Blade: Trinity left off, with the fearless slayer's war against the forces of darkness moves to the Motor City known as Detroit.  There, Blade find allies with weapons expert and backup Shen (Nelson Lee), and Krista Starr (Jill Wagner), who is out to avenge her brother Zack's death.  And the price for it is becoming a vampire by Marcus Van Sciver (Neil Jackson), the head of the House of Chthon, who is the Big Bad of Blade.  His main purpose is to make vampires walk during the daytime.  So, Krista becomes a double agent-- working for Blade on the inside to stop Marcus' sinister plan. 

What makes Blade: The Series good is still keeping the Daywalker dark, grim, and brooding while the writers and producers slowly develop his character as well as the others.  Another is the Blade/Krista dynamic.  Although Blade is half-human and half-vampire, Krista is completely a vampire.  Neither one didn't ask for this or wanted this life; it picked them.  But they have no choice.  Blade's sole purpose and life is to hunt and slay vampires, while Krista's mission is to get justice for her brother.  But the line between good and evil for her is complicated because of being a vampire.  Next is the triangle between Krista, Marcus, and his female vampire enforcer Chase (Jessica Gower).  Blade: The Series has everything: action/adventure, drama, suspense, and soap opera.

If you miss it or want to see again, then Spike TV gives you another chance this Sunday starting at 1pm with the first six episodes, including the two-hour premiere. 

See Blade continuing to fight the good fight this Sunday and this Wednesday with a new episode at 10pm on Spike TV.