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Published:August 19th, 2006 05:35 EST
Night Stalker comes to SCIFI and is now on DVD!

Night Stalker comes to SCIFI and is now on DVD!

By Garrett Godwin

In the fall of 2005, ABC Network updated 1970s cult favorite Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1972, 1974-75).  The series, Night Stalker, featured Stuart Townsend, talking over the title role played the late Darren McGavin.  Fans of the original didn't like this new Kolchak, and going up against Thursday night's ratings champion, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, didn't help either. 

After six episodes, Night Stalker was cancelled at a cliffhanger. Now, you have another chance to see Night Stalker because the SCIFI Channel is airing all episodes-- including the episodes that was never aired on network television -- every Friday night at 8pm.  You can also get the series on DVD with features such as deleted scenes.

Night Stalker follows Kolchak still investigating the supernatural, but this time it is more serious and darker.  His wife was brutally killed by a malicious beast, and was questioned by the FBI about her murder but was clear of all charges.  With the help of Perri Reed (Gabrielle Union) and Anthony Vincenzo (Cotter Smith), this crime reporter is on a personal mission to uncover the dark, sinster forces that no one knows but him only.

What make Night Stalker promising is that it has elements of film noir, with the main character giving opening and closing narratives of the latest episodes.  Another is that the series has elements of The X-Files, dealing with the supernatural and the Mulder-Scully relationship between Kolchak and Reed.  Whereas the former is a believer, the latter is a skeptic.  They were at odds in the beginning, but soon these two come to trust each other.  But we may never know if there was sexual tension between them had the show go on.

Night Stalker was a promising show, but was better for the WB Network because it would have attracted an audience of both young and old, just like Smallville and Supernatural, both of which have done on Thursday nights and is on the fall schedule for the CW Network.

Former X-Files executive producer and writer Frank Spotnitz was the executive producer and one of the writers of Night Stalker, who said that the show's mythology is about good and evil.  He also states that "all of us have some good in us and some evil in us."

"It's a war for the world, and it's a war for each of our souls", he said.  "And that battle was one that I think could have played out for many years, not just with Kolchak, but with Reed and Vincenzo and all the other characters in the show and one never knows."



Source: SCIFI Magazine