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Published:August 20th, 2006 13:30 EST
General Hospital: August 15, 2006

General Hospital: August 15, 2006

By Garrett Godwin

Four years after sharing their kiss at Vista Point, Jason and Elizabeth are together again on General Hospital.  Something has always brought Jason and Elizabeth together.  For instance, there was the cancer of Jason's sister and Elizabeth's best friend Emily in 2003 that helped them reconnect and renew their friendship.  But it is during this summer that has helped get them back on track.  Recently, it was heartache and the blackout of Port Charles that brought them even closer than ever before.

In 2002, I watched GH and received an unexpected gift: see Jason and Elizabeth had their second kiss at Vista Point.  Now, it is 2006, and I got another unexpected gift: watched Jason and Elizabeth finally become intimate after a seven-year wait.

What made this episode good is that the intimate scenes between Jason and Elizabeth were sweet, sexy, beautiful, and romantic.  Watching these two talk about their friendship and history together was amazing because the writers not only respected both of these elements, but also respected the characters and wrote them well.  Another is that they talked about Italy, which is where Elizabeth always wanted to go, and the two of them-- not to mention the fans still -- always thought about them being together.  And after that night, they have no regrets.  Neither do the fans.

No matter what-- and who -- comes between them, Jason and Elizabeth have always found their way back to each other. 

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