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Published:November 1st, 2006 04:03 EST
Supernatural - What's dead should stay dead

Supernatural - What's dead should stay dead

By Garrett Godwin

Last season, the Winchester family was getting closer to finally tracking down The Demon that took the lives of wife and mother Mary Winchester and Sam's girlfriend Jessica.  And in the last few seconds, they were on the verge of life and death.

Now, the story continues with season two of Supernatural on the new CW Network, following the aftermath of the car crash as one family member was on the bubble while one decided to give up his life to save him. 

The first few episodes this season have really gone farther and better so far.  Without their father John, Sam and Dean must rely on each other more than ever before as they continue "the family business": "saving people, hunting things" while still searching for The Demon that took their parents and Jessica.  But more that that, they soon realize that fighting evil isn't all black-and-white because not all demons are a threat to humanity.

This season, the brothers have allies made of Ellen, an old friend of their father's that runs a place that is a resting stop for demon hunters with her daughter Jo, a potential love interest for Dean.

Supernatural goes further as Sam discovers that there are "children"-- others like him with powers such as his, visions that sees the future, while Dean coming to terms with his resurrection, which costs the life of his father. 

Look for the brothers to get into trouble with the law this season as horror icon Linda Blair (The Exorcist) joins the cast in a recurring role as a cop who's on their trail.

Catch Supernatural Thursday nights at 9pm on the new CW Network, and get the complete first season on DVD.

What's dead should stay dead.