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Published:November 5th, 2006 09:10 EST
Kidnapped will Wrap it Up

Kidnapped will Wrap it Up

By Garrett Godwin

On the big screen, there was Ransom, where a millionaire's son was abducted. On the small screen, you have 24, in which Jack Bauer had only one day to save the world.

Put these together, and you have NBC's fall series, Kidnapped, a casualty for the 2006 season.

The series featured a talented and versatile ensemble from both the big and small screen.  Oscar winner Timothy Hutton and television favorite Dana Delany are wealthy and so are prominent couple Conrad and Ellie Cain.  They have three children: eldest Aubrey, who's in college, middle son Leopold ("Leo") and youngest Alice.  However, their lives took a turn for the worse when Leo was kidnapped on his way to school with a friend.  His bodyguard Virgil (Mykelti Williamson) was left for dead, but both he and Leo's friend survived.  That day, Ellie received a note at her home that said not to call the police.

At an associate's request, the Cain's call in Knapp (Jeremy Sisto), an ex-Fed turned hired specialist of missing people.  He's not very good with people, but he's very good at finding them.  However, Knapp has to deal with his former boss Latimer King (Delroy Lindo), who's also on the case because Virgil is a friend of his.  Reluctantly, they have to work together to bring Leopold back safe and sound.

What made Kidnapped worked is that besides having the premise of Ransom, you have elements of 24.  For instance, Knapp is the show's Jack Bauer who has his own set of rules and does whatever it takes to get the job done.  Another is that Knapp has his own Chloe in the form of Turner (Carmen Ejogo), his associate.

Knapp would have a different missing person case every year if the show got renewed.  The Cain’s look like the perfect family ... but not everything is as it seems.

Kidnapped performed poorly on Wednesday nights at 10pm, where it once was the night for Law & Order, but now it's the night for CSI: NY.  Recently, it moved to Saturday nights, but continued to fail to find an audience. 

Kidnapped will wrap up its 13-week storyline at

Trust no one.