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Published:November 26th, 2006 14:03 EST
Birds of Prey flies again on YouTube

Birds of Prey flies again on YouTube

By Garrett Godwin

In 2001, the then-WB Network resurrected a beloved superhero to life on the small screen with Smallville.  The series follows a pre-man of Steel, Clark Kent discovering his powers while trying to find out who he is, where he came from, and what his true purpose is: the Superman who fights for truth, justice, and the American way.  More than that, it was about how Superman became Clark Kent.

Fresh off that success, the WB tried to go two-for-two in the comic book genre with Birds of Prey.  Debuted in 2002, the show followed a trio of female crime fighters protecting the streets of New Gotham against the forces of evil.  After a strong debut, ratings have declined and the show was cancelled in the winter of 2003 after thirteen episodes.

Years ago in Gotham City, the Dark Knight Detective known as Batman and the Queen of Thievery known as Catwoman, had a forbidden love affair, which led to a daughter, Helena Kyle (Jericho's Ashley Scott).  Getting good looks as well as having an inner bad girlness from her mother and a strong sense of justice from her father, Helena (part-Catwoman, part-Batman) becomes the Huntress, protector of the innocent and the night.

Aiding her is Barbara Gordon (Dina Meyer), daughter of legendary Gotham commissioner James Gordon, once Batman's ally and friend.  Once Batgirl, she was paralyzed by a bullet from arch-enemy, The Joker.  Rather than give up, she was reborn as Oracle, expert of the cyber-realms, trainer, and mentor to future superheroes.  Their headquarters is the Clocktower.

Joining them is a young runaway named Dinah (Rachel Skarsten), who we soon found out that she is the daughter of the legendary Black Canary.  Dinah has powers such as telekinesis and much more as she trains to be a superhero.

This lovely trio became the Birds of Prey.

Birds of Prey had such promise and potential because the show slowly developed the female protagonists very well.  For instance, there was the episode "Lady Shiva", in which Barbara has come a long way since her days of being Batgirl.  Another is because of the classic sexual tension between Huntress and the New Gotham cop Jesse Reese (Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore), who developed an unlikely partnership.  Episodes like "Split" shows them clashing on the law as well as operating inside and outside the law, knowing that fighting crime isn't always easy.  The youngest, Dinah, came on her own throughout the series' short run. Catch up on what could have been as these super heroines protect New Gotham as the Birds of Prey at YouTube (