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Published:November 27th, 2006 05:45 EST
General Hospital 2006: A Liasion Reunion

General Hospital 2006: A Liasion Reunion

By Garrett Godwin

Luke & Laura isn't the only couple that reunited on General Hospital this year.  There is also another couple that recently got back together as well.  

Since 1999, Jason Morgan and Elizabeth Spencer has been more than your classic good girl falls for bad boy with a heart of gold story.  It has been the story of two different people from two different worlds who form an unbreakable bond.  Becoming the best of friends, they slowly but surely fall in love-- and these two may not even know it.

2006 has been an integral year so far for Jason & Elizabeth, known simply to the fans as Liaison.  Not only have they reconnect as friends, they also have grown closer than ever before, which led to them to finally consummating their relationship after seven long years.  This summer was once again the summer of Liaison.

As a Liaison fan myself, I am honoring Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst bringing this onscreen daytime pair to life for:

Hottest Daytime Couple & Hottest Daytime Romance: Something has always brought Jason & Elizabeth together such as bonding during the cancer of Elizabeth's best friend and Jason's sister Emily.  However, it was during their night and day together this summer that this couple became intimate physically and still emotionally.  There has always been that unspoken yearning and desire to be together, expressing their feelings with one another through less words and more action.  Though they never say "I love you", you know that Jason & Elizabeth love each other by the way they look at each other as well as how much they mean to one another.  No matter what happens, these two always find their way back to each other-- sooner than we think.

Hottest Daytime Chemistry: The onscreen chemistry between Burton and Herbst gets better and better every year.  The tension between their characters is sweet yet sexy.

Hottest Daytime Friendship: Jason & Elizabeth can be themselves when together.  They accept each other because they don't judge one another as well as never tell each other what to do or how to live their lives.  Another is that they're honest with one another, including on how they feel for one another.  Jason & Elizabeth are loyal to one another, not caring what anyone else thinks of both their friendship and relationship.  Whenever there are problems in their lives, they're always there for each other no matter what.

Hottest Male Actor & Outstanding Hero: The spiky hair, the blue eyes, the face, the rebel look, everything-- Steve Burton has got the package.  He is great as strong, silent yet sensitive mob enforcer Jason Morgan.  Fictional criminals of the big and small screen continue to become today's new heroes known as anti-heroes, and Jason makes the list.  Though he is a bad guy, Jason isn't completely evil nor a complete villain.  The reason is because he is loyal and protective, showing that he does have a heart as well as humanity.  Jason is always there for the people he loves and cares for in Port Charles, including Elizabeth, who he saved from the evil Manny Ruiz this past year. 

Hottest Female Actress & Outstanding Heroine: Rebecca Herbst continues to be more beautiful every year on GH and her character Elizabeth has grown and matured this past year.  Elizabeth now understands what Jason does as well as the life he leads.  But more than that, she has come a long way from the bad girl she once was.  Elizabeth is a heroine because she decides to get her life back on track and do what is right for her and her children, but fate may have other plans for her.  Elizabeth continues to risks everything to help Jason and save his life.  It looks like there is still a bad girl inside this popular heroine.

Incredible Plot Twist: Elizabeth is pregnant!  For weeks, we have wanted to know if Lucky or Jason is the father.  And then, we finally have the answer: it's Jason!  Like everyone else, I wanted Jason to be the father because what happened between him and Elizabeth were two souls finally becoming one.  Despite his lifestyle, Jason is great father material because he is so patient and understanding.  He helps raise Michael for the first few years of his life.  Elizabeth told Jason that he's the father-- while he was dying.  The problem is, he doesn't remember.  But we do, and so does Elizabeth.  But will Jason know?  Only time will tell.

Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst are amazing as Jason & Elizabeth; the writers have to bring them together.  It is seven years long overdue.  The wait should be over.

See why as you watch them on General Hospital weekdays on ABC and weeknights on SOAPnet.