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Published:January 1st, 2007 11:22 EST
Days Received a Second Life in 2006

Days Received a Second Life in 2006

By Garrett Godwin

The late, great Gloria Monty saved General Hospital from cancellation in the 1980s thanks to stories with action/adventure, drama, humor, and unforgettable romances as well as super couples, including THE super couple known as Luke & Laura.

Now Hogan Sheffer has done the same for Days of Our Lives in 2006.  A former head writer for As the World Turns, Soap Opera Digest (SOD) named the Emmy winner Best Miracle Worker, making Days more grounded and less over-the-top.  For instance, bringing back some fan favorites as well as reuniting our favorite super couples from Salem:

Bo & Hope
The death of their young son, Zack, was a hard-hitting, emotional storyline, named by SOD for Best Death.  It drove a wedge between this duo and almost destroyed their relationship.  But they soon learned to trust and love one another again, leading to the birth of their daughter.

John & Marlena
After Doc losing her memory and being in the dangerous arms of evil Alex North, Sheffer resurrected not only their romance through their Italy adventure that lead to their beautiful wedding, but also the character of Dr. Marlena Evans as a strong, resourceful, independent, beautiful heroine.

Shawn & Belle
The offspring couple of the super couples above, they never stop loving each other-- even though they couldn't admit it not only to others, but to themselves as well.  They share a daughter-- and a possible future.

Lucas & Sami
Named Best Couple by SOD, we watch these two hate, love, hate, then love each other again.  With all that passion and sexual tension between them, we can't hate but love watching these two together.

Patch & Kayla
It's Beauty and the Beast meets the good girl who falls in love with the bad boy.  We watch their incredible romance and history together through flashbacks as we fall in love with this super couple either now and/or all over again. 

Though these super couples are back together and enjoying their happiness, trouble will still brew in 2007.  And one of them is EJ Wells (James Scott, ex-Ethan, All My Children).  Introduced as a tall, dark, handsome, mysterious businessman/race-car driver, we soon learn that EJ is Elvis, Jr., the son of the evil Stefano DiMera, and what he's planning for the town of Salem won't be good.

Romance has been the main focus for Days of Our Lives because no matter what and who stands in their way, our favorite Salem super couples will always find their way back to each other.  The love they share is so strong it can never die.

See why when watching Days of Our Lives weekdays on NBC and weeknights on SOAPnet.


Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.