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Published:January 1st, 2007 10:46 EST
General Hospital: Best Daytime Show of 2006

General Hospital: Best Daytime Show of 2006

By Garrett Godwin

2006 has been very good for General Hospital.  Not only did they get a Daytime Emmy for Best Drama, but also Anthony Geary won for Best Lead Actor for his role as anti-hero Luke Spencer.  Geary describe his popular character as "a guy who hates authority" and "doesn't believe in the system" as well as going against the grain.  But the one thing that makes Luke heroic and whole is his adventures and romance with his true soul mate, Laura (Genie Francis).

Though she passed away this year, Gloria Monty helped save General Hospital and made it the number-one show on daytime television in the 1980s as well as the all-time greats.  Monty brought GH stories with action/adventure, drama, humor, and memorable romances and super couples.  That includes THE super couple and the worldwide phenomenon known as Luke & Laura.

Named Best Show by Soap Opera Digest (SOD), GH brought back the Hospital back into General Hospital such as a virus outbreak story and bringing a manic-depressive storyline involving mobster Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard, who's manic-depressive in real life).  Another reason is the return of fan favorites such as Rick Springfield (Dr. Noah Drake), and the long-awaited reunion of Robin Scorpio and her legendary, heroic parents, Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane. 

Still, the people of Port Charles had time for romance:

Patrick & Robin
If this was Grey's Anatomy, Robin would be Meredith and Patrick would be McDreamy (the next McDreamy, considering who he and his father was).  We watch this couple go from having a no-strings attached relationship to dancing their feelings for one another to learning to trust one another as well as finally admit their love for one another.  Now they face the biggest challenge of their relationship: the results of whether or not Patrick is HIV-positive.

Jason & Elizabeth
Though with other people, something have always bring these two together.  2006 was a year of reconnection between them, as not only friends, but also growing closer than ever before in the summer as they finally become one.  And they have no regrets.  Now they have a baby on the way, but will Jason know that he's the father?  Most of all, will they finally be together?  With these two, actions speak louder than words.

You got the dangerous mob boss (the bad boy) on one side and the white knight billionaire (the good guy) on the other.  In the middle is one incredible woman.  Laura Wright, who I'm falling in love with (only as an actress), makes the role of Carly her own while also bringing the edginess, vulnerability, humor, and the sexiness that makes the character a favorite with both critics and fans.  So, will Carly marry Jax or reunite with Sonny?  Wait until 2007 and see.

But nothing compares that to the 25th anniversary of Luke & Laura.  Since 1981, we've watched their amazing story from the beginning.  From loving on the run from enemies such as Frank Smith and their war against the Cassadine clan, their love remains stronger than ever as the return of Laura not only reunite their family, but also reunite her with her true soul mate, Luke, as they celebrate 25 years as being husband and wife.  Without Gloria Monty, Luke & Laura would have never been born, and General Hospital wouldn't be around today.

Expect a mob war, love triangles, and lots more for the people of Port Charles in 2007, because it is just getting started.

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