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Published:January 26th, 2007 04:03 EST
Is Katie Couric Really Worth $15 Million a Year?

Is Katie Couric Really Worth $15 Million a Year?

By John Lillpop


Because I have an underdeveloped appreciation of pop art and contemporary superstars, I am utterly perplexed by the media madness over Katie Couric.

Last May, Couric set the stage for taking over the elitist liberal media when she stated the following: After listening to my heart and my gut "two things that have served me pretty well in the past "I`ve decided I`ll be leaving Today. "

Upon hearing those shocking words, my first reaction was: Couric has too little heart and too much gut!

My second reaction was: Who cares whether this sawed-off leftist pollutes the air with her liberal bias from NBC, CBS, or Al-Jazeer?

On my TV, NBC is channel 4 and CBS is channel 5, so the move is not really that dramatic. Why is there such a fuss about this?

Besides, my weary brain is already overloaded with breaking news " about civil or uncivil war in Iraq, Iran`s missing imam and crazy president, and the Democrats "surge" to stomp all over President Bush whilst the man is a lame duck.

Most puzzling of all is Couric`s $15 million per year salary. As far as I know, she does not sing, dance, or do stand-up comedy. Frontal nudity is a no-no after Janet Jackson`s wardrobe malfunction " at the Super Bowl a few years back.

Mind you, I know very little about Couric. In fact, the only time I watched this terrorist with a microphone for more than three seconds was when the battery for my remote died.

Rather than get up, I grimaced and vowed to immediately forget every word she spoke.

So, how does Katie Couric earn $15 million a year?

They say she has a nice smile and people like her.

Heck, I have a nice smile. People don`t particularly like me, but with $15 million a year to spend, I am sure I could bribe a few to say they do!