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Published:January 29th, 2007 04:41 EST
Smallville brings Justice to the CW Network

Smallville brings Justice to the CW Network

By Garrett Godwin

Smallville is more about how Clark Kent became Superman than how Superman becomes Clark Kent while trying to figure out who he is, where he comes from, and finding his place in the world.

Beyond that, Smallville has also been the birth of several beloved heroes from the DC Universe.  Last week's episode, "Justice," marks the birth of the legendary Justice League.  This episode is one of the best so far -- not only this season, but also one of the best during the series' 6-year run.

Rounding off the members of the League:

Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley): Green Aarow, the modern-day Robin Hood superhero

Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner): Impulse/Flash, the fastest person alive

Arthur "A.C." Curry (Alan Ritchson): Aquaman, defender of the seas

Victor Stone (Lee Thompson Young): Cyborg, half-man, half-machine, all hero

Clark Kent (Tom Welling): Boy Scout/Man of Steel that fights for truth, justice, and the American Way

Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack): Watchtower, ace reporter and the League's eyes and ears.

The League's first mission is to shut down Lex Luthor’s operations of Project 33.1 in order to prevent future captures of others with superhuman abilities and to save the world.  They succeeded in the first part but the team has a long way to go.  The rest goes off to finish the mission while Boy Scout stays behind in Smallville for his mission: the capture and possible destruction of the Phantom Zoners.

Like the 100th episode "Reckoning," "Justice" is one of the most anticipated episodes of Smallville because it is the beginning of one of the most beloved crime-fighting teams ever created.  This episode delivers because you see how the League came together.  For example, Victor and Bart found a sense of purpose and belonging and a reason to go on in life.  Hopefully, when Smallville ends a spin-off is in the works because this has true potential.

What makes Smallville so great is that it's not just the birth and rebirth of Superman, but the show has also been the birth of other future superheroes that we all know and love to this day.  It wasn't easy for them, but now they're starting to learn how to use their powers for good against the forces of evil.

Watch Justice being served on Smallville Thursday nights at 8pm on the CW Network.