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Published:January 29th, 2007 05:00 EST
The Dresden Files are open on SCI FI

The Dresden Files are open on SCI FI

By Garrett Godwin

On the big screen there was Dirty Harry.

In the books there are two Harrys: young Harry Potter and adult Harry Dresden.  Both are involved in magic and the supernatural using their powers against the forces of darkness.  One came to life on the big screen while the other comes to life on the small screen.

Best known as 24's terrorist Stephen Saunders, Paul Blackthrone is now one of the good guys on SCI FI's new original series, The Dresden Files, every Sunday night 9 pm.

Based on the popular books by Jim Butcher, Blackthrone, Harry Dresden, is a private eye who is also a wizard.  And here's the kicker: he's in the yellow pages which has not been good for business.

However, Harry is also a private consultant for the Chicago Police along with Lt. Connie Murphy (Valerie Cruz), a single mother.  There's an X-Files relationship between them in that Harry is a believer of things that are out there -- he's a wizard!  What did we expect? -- and Connie is a skeptic.  Also helping Harry is Bob (Terrance Mann), a banished spirit who also gives him guidance and advice.  With his only two allies, Harry battles the forces of evil which harm the innocent in both the Windy City and the rest of the world.

Harry Dresden needs to use every bit of magic he has because he has tough adversaries on Sunday nights in the form of Desperate Housewives.  But you have a second chance to see it at 11pm on Sunday nights on the SCI FI Channel.

If the police can't help you, call Harry Dresden.  He's in the book.