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Published:February 1st, 2007 09:58 EST
Harry Dresden Comes To Life On SCI FI

Harry Dresden Comes To Life On SCI FI

By Garrett Godwin

Harry Dresden doesn't do two things: he don't do parties and he doesn't teach others magic.  But if the police couldn't help you, or if you're afraid of what's really out there in the world, then you can call on him.

Rather than tried to destroy the world like Stephen Saunders on 24, Paul Blackthrone is now saving the world as Harry Dresden in The Dresden Files, SCI FI channel's latest original series, based on the popular books of the protagonist by Jim Butcher.

Harry Dresden is a private eye who is also a wizard, which isn't always good for business.  But he finds steady employment as a private consultant for the Chicago Police Department on behalf of Lt. Connie Murphy (Valerie Cruz) on cases that are tough to solve-- cases that requires his paranormal expertise.  His other ally is Bob (Terrance Mann), a condemned spirit who provides Harry with assistance on his cases, as well as guidance and direction whenever necessary.  Together with these two, Harry battles the forces of darkness and save lives.

Though the series needs every bit of magic against Desperate Housewives on Sunday nights, The Dresden Files has much potential.  Besides having the elements of mystery/crime and sci-fi/fantasy, the main ingredients when it comes to these shows are the relationship between the main characters, as well as their gradual development.

Harry Dresden is the series' Jim Rockford.  He just a guy who has got the bills to pay and is trying to make it through the day.  Unlike Rockford, Harry isn't a coward and not afraid to fight, but he does get hurt every now and then.  Still, he manages to survive to fight evil another day.

The relationship between Harry and Murphy is similar to Mulder and Scully of The X-Files.  Wheras one is a believer that there are things out there is this world, the other is a skeptic.  Harry and Bob have a relationship that is of a surrogate father and son.

If you miss it the first time at 9pm, then then see The Dresden Files again on Sunday nights at 11pm on the SCI FI Channel.

If there are things that goes bump in the night, then call Harry Dresden.  He's in the book.