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Published:February 6th, 2007 14:56 EST
Jack Bauer Will Be Born Again In 24

Jack Bauer Will Be Born Again In 24

By Garrett Godwin

Jack Bauer has had a bad day.

Correction, five bad days.

For years, he has been the main line of defense in the war against terrorism, keeping America safe.  And paying a high price for defending this country and its citizens. 

When we last saw Jack (Kiefer Sutherland), he cleared his name, exposed evil President Logan, avenged the lives of his comrades (which includes beloved ex-President and friend David Palmer) and saved the world once again.  Just when he and Audrey were finally reunited,  things went horribly wrong yet again.  The Chinese kidnapped Jack for invading their consulate, leaving his fate undecided.

Coming off its most successful and Emmy-winning season, 24 has returned to its Monday night slot at 9pm for its sixth season.

It picks up where last year left off.  Another day, another adventure.

It is two years later, and the United States is close to being an war zone due to an series of attacks from Islamic terrorists, making this season a particularly relevent in light of the ongoing War on Terror in the real world.  There are detention centers where people are being held and accused of being connected with the day's events, leading to the dilemma of maintaining civil liberties and rights and a question of balancing freedom with security.  At the request of the White House from newly inaugurated President Wayne Palmer (D.B. Woodside), CTU (CounterTerrorism Unit) arranged for the release of the one man who can step in and make it right: Jack Bauer.

The writers and producers of 24 are going back a little bit from season one, digging more deeply into Jack's family background.  For instance, James Crowmell takes the coveted role of Jack's estranged father, Philip Bauer, who-- along with Jack's brother-- may be involve with the latest terrorist activities ... and more.  Oh, what a tangle family web this will be for Jack, facing professional and personal dilemnas.

This season is a different Jack than we all know.  Due to being tortured by the Chinese, Jack is broken mentally, personally, emotionally, and spiritually.  Weary, Jack has lost his sense of purpose.  Not knowing the difference between the good guys and the bad guys, he also knows that the world has changed -- including him. 

"I don't know how to do this anymore", he confesses, exhausted.

This season will be about the emotional journey and comeback of Jack Bauer as he redefines himself as both a human being and a protector of innocent lives. 

However, Jack will face another threat besides terrorists on Monday nights in the form of Heroes at 9pm.  But if you've been watching the new season so far, then you'll know why 24 won last year for Best Drama and Best Actor for Sutherland as classic American soldier Jack Bauer, but also deserve to be nominate again. 

Don't miss a second of 24.

The clock is ticking.